North West Island Spearfishing Trip (Part 2)

Half 2 of the video of my spearfishing journey to North West Island within the backside of central QLD’s bunker group. We had an important journey with blended viso however good climate …

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35 thoughts on “North West Island Spearfishing Trip (Part 2)

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  2. You guys are good! I'm going to North West for a Marine Studies camp this year. Hopefully we can take a spear gun (doubt it D:) But, what part of the Island did you go from?

  3. man! this vid reminds me sooo much of my trip out there a few months ago, the spearing so sick! loved it and will definately do it again

  4. hey guys…. this is a really good vid…i just spent 3 weeks over at NW and had a ball!! but i found the sweetlip, namely spangled and redthroat very hard to get close too…but then again i might just be a bit too inexperienced =P lol…… but yeh great vid and keep it up

  5. Ho notato che non usi mulinello e che il fucile non è vincolato alla floating line, devi pescare in acqua bassa, perchè in profondità mettersi a fare un tiro alla fune con certi PESCI porterebbe sicuro o alla perdità del fucile o ad una sincope.

  6. hi , veri nice video , nice fish even if shark is all over the place
    i like the music too who isi singing after ben harper ? could you please tel me the name of the song

  7. Top Video mate, beautiful spangled emperor shots! What's the go with the sharks by the boat were you guys feeding them? Cheers for sharing

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