North Sentinel Island | Isolated Tribes | in Telugu | Vikram Aditya Latest Videos | #EP273

DISCLAIMER: This video is for schooling and knowledge functions solely. All of the viewers are suggested to seek the advice of an adviser earlier than investing resolution …

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45 thoughts on “North Sentinel Island | Isolated Tribes | in Telugu | Vikram Aditya Latest Videos | #EP273

  1. We expected more information from you rather than other youtubers brother and please make one video about Sehudule tribe where n how they came to India…

  2. Forest kissan app
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  3. rye howley, they will not allow people into their island. Then how the photographs was taken ??? Non sense. They are African people !! Dnt cheat Us by non sense

  4. Anna villatho matladagalige oka vyakti unnaru vari gurinchi telusukoni cheppandi vallu matlade basha oka vyakti ki matrame telusu

  5. నువ్వు ఎప్పుడో తియ్యాల్సిన వీడియో ఇప్పుడు చేశావ్ late but grate video

  6. Anna miru promoti chesaru ani download chesa…bt 500grms mullangi 88rs….it's to high….. Just 500grms 20rs ki istharu market lo…. ofcourse organic kani polam lo pandeve ga….

  7. Anna idhi nee varaku chesthadhi anukuntunna nvv cheppina Mahabharatam mind ela ekkindhi antey assalu nidra lepina cheppentha manchiga ardham iyndhi
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  8. నిజంగానే వీళ్ళు చోళ జాతి కి చెందిన వారు….

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