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22 thoughts on “North Island, New Zealand

  1. Thanks for sharing, we film gopro walks mainly in soulful cities in Europe, so it's great to have others guiding us through places we will probably never get to see. Thank you, I enjoyed traveling around with you.

  2. Lol @ 4:48 its supposed to be in Auckland but it shows the highway of wellington.u can see the highway signs clearly saying the 2 left lanes are going to porirua n palmy n the 2 right lanes say they going to the Hutt n masterton…n FYI bay of plenty is more tauranga/whakatane but you got cathedral cove in their that's apart of the coromandels lolzzz fail just like the music

  3. Awesome video Kanaal! I know how much work you had to put in to film & edit this. I actually started making travel videos as well while I was abroad this summer in Europe! Anyways, just stopping by to say great job, keep it up!

  4. How is the job market in NZ? I am planning to move here for studies next year! Oh and how is the weather in auckland? Does it get hot ? Pls help

  5. ROFWL……what on earth is "sharlene real" smoking?! I have lived in NZ for 8 years and have loved the cultural diversity. My son is in YR13 and has Maori, White, Greek, Somali, Fijian and Pacifica friends. They do everything together. Then there is my husband who has a mix of various cultures in his team at work and they have a great time together. I myself have a varied group of friends here, some are white but most are of mixed blood lines and come from all over the world. My best friend is a white Kiwi who has Maori in-laws, aunties, uncles etc..Lets just be honest there would not be mixed blood lines if their was racism to the degree you try make it out to be. As for crime… have NO IDEA what bad crime is. The police here are fantastic. Every country will have it's idiots who are racist or criminal and every organisation will have it's slackers but as far as New Zealand goes these percentages are minimal which leads me to believe that either you are one of the unluckiest New Zealander's I know or you just have a really shit attitude about everything and everybody you come across. Maybe life would get better if you sorted out your outlook. You reap what you sow chick 😉

  6. New Zealand has the nicest people I have ever met and as for being racist try and build a Christian Church in a Muslim country and have a look on you tube at whites being murdered in south Africa by blacks, but that's ok as only whites are racist . 

  7. who says all these things you say they say Whites, Indians, etc love Africa, Asia,South America etc Freesocieties tend tobe diverse.China and many parts of Africa and SouthAmerica don't necessarily have a free society. Who needs diversity when living under adictator or some sortof communist run country.I believeHitler hadyourviews.and tried to incorporate themwith sheer evil.he prolly wud have found faults in you too Mr. needed tobe a purebrednotsomemutoffthestreet with internetballs.

  8. I have home seek. I need to go back to the most beautiful country in the world New Zealand, my home. Love you all Kiwies.

  9. Wow, the beauty of Nature in New Zealand. How about jumping on the cliff?It reminds me a cliff hanger movie. hehehe…

  10. Its got nothing to do with ownership. Its about the fact if noone came then they wouldnt ever have made or thought of it or know how to etc.

  11. IF noone came to NZ they wouldn't have any of it therefore they can all get taken back out of the country. It's not about where things are made, its the fact that they wouldn't have any of it if noone came. And yes on like police 10/7 like 1 or 2 out of 10 people are white or non maori/islander. I'm not racist (incase anyone wants to say, I am far from it) but I am a realist looking at the real picture of what happens or can happen. Thats really what it is.

  12. LOL. NZ is rated as one of the most equal countries in the world in terms of race/religion/gender.
    I'd like to say though that majority of crimes you see such as on (police ten seven) or any NZ cop show more than 90% of them are Maori's or Islanders. It's their own fault if they get a bad rep. Of course there are plenty of good and nice Maori's. Lots of them think white people ruined NZ and we should all go away. I say if we did we can take our cars,clothes, electronics and see how they like it

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