Noob to Pro in XP Update for Roblox Islands (1M+ Coins in 4 Hours)

It wasn’t straightforward however I revamped 1M cash in four hours on Roblox Islands through the XP Replace on this Noob to Professional video for Islands! SUBSCRIBE TO DV P2W …

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48 thoughts on “Noob to Pro in XP Update for Roblox Islands (1M+ Coins in 4 Hours)

  1. like gold blocks and some trophys please I am a noob and my friends always say that I am a noob and I felt so bad I was crying for the whole day

  2. No ones talking how he spent almost 4 hours for his viewers and is STILL offering himself for a 5m coins noob to pro vid

    That’s amazing

  3. I dont think new players are gonna learn much from this video because all you did was farm pink sticky and the game is more than that

  4. im 13 and i was banned from your discord for trolling a scammer because they reported me and they stole 10 vendings and a rageblade with a vending hack

  5. damn they ruined islands wit the update :/ other games have tried a level system… but it never works xD

    i grinded for months to get the amount of money i had, and i log on wit only 600k left

  6. I went to a public server and visited a islands and pink sticky gear, it was selling for 200,000 coins i had 3 of them

    the best day
    Ima go grind slime in my private server and join public server for the coins lol

  7. Don’t get me wrong. This game is good, but the recent updates has made it worse. (Lately each update worsens the game)

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