Nike, H&M face backlash in China over Uighur stance | DW News

A livid China is lashing out in opposition to world trend manufacturers. US sports activities attire maker Nike is going through a backlash on social media in China after saying it was …

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23 thoughts on “Nike, H&M face backlash in China over Uighur stance | DW News

  1. If people are really upset about forced labor, why is there no mention of the American "for profit" prison system? Or Amazon which is practically "forced labor"? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  2. boycott foreign goods so why not just boycott what belongs to the West? What would China be like without the west

  3. Who cares? Even they get banned from china there still most biggest companies, all other country still gonna buy it. I stand for human rights, humanity above everything.

  4. Fully support China and xinjiang. Those brand companies want to earn Chinese peoples money but other way going to attack China and Xinjiang cotton. Shame on those western brand companies.

  5. Not smart to disrespect a company, if you have facilities in that country. Too bad for them. Maybe they can insult the chef at Chinese restaurants. See how that goes. 🙂

  6. When China does something, China is attacking and bullying others. When the west does something, The west is protecting human rights…..
    See how the hosts use "words" to describe the fact. Quite funny.

  7. Stand your ground, the potential to earn bigger money should not impact established moral & humanitarian ideologies. China is only 1 country amongst many, flexing its muscle to see who will bend to their will even though they’re already going overboard in several fields in terms of abuse, & geopolitical harassment

  8. nike have been using child/ slave labor since the 90s
    arabs in liyba have started slave started again
    h/m has dangerous factories in bangladesh that burn down
    US constitution 13 th amendment makes all prisoner slaves
    US and their corporate overlords: china is using forced prison labor lets boycott and sanction them

  9. nike made in china so boycott made by nike also boycott made in china nike use China factory and Chinese labor and Chinese material so no Nike no salary for Chinese labor and US benefits to this just billionaire in there mansion

  10. ok. Now I decide for myself that I will not buy H&M and Nike any more as so many comments says they use Child Labor.

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