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24 thoughts on “Nightmare Island 2!! (Warzone w/ Bobby Lee, Steve Lee & Dylan the Kid)

  1. Tell Dylan to stop not helping Steve, help him and stay with him. Dylan is a loser with them. when bobby and Steve play with grant or Bushmawr they do good and have great communication. They have fun and laugh. better videos too. only watch this for bobby and Steve, very hard to watch too.

  2. Other day, I told my squad to get into tripod formation. They both asked "what the hell are you talking about?"

  3. 7:22 I'll have to give the Gallantry Rapid-Fire SMG a try. I got killed by it yesterday in the blink of an eye, and now I see how quick you brought that dude down. I'm sure accuracy sucks at distance, but that's a mean gun at close range.

  4. When it's an "All night long " start! You know it's gonna be good! 🤟👊🏾💯
    Johnny west and the dragons from the east! 🐲🤠
    Thanks for putting these out Dylan!
    Add DonniesDee! Sent you a friend request! Like your playing style always checking those corners and lanes!

  5. I love these, I always listen to Bobby and Steve on their podcasts. But this is great all 3 of you need cams for the corners to watch your expressions while playing.

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