Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 11th)

Trump tells supporters he is ‘examined completely detrimental,’ Supreme Courtroom nominee Amy Coney Barrett affirmation hearings start, and Louisiana governor confirms …

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44 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 11th)

  1. Owned by China- MSNBC & NBC, CNN, AMC, ESPN, most of ABC, half of all Hollywood movie productions, 1/2 of Bloomberg, Disney, New York Times, and a dozen other news media outlets. Look it up! Just google it! I was beyond shocked! Like a mix of anger, frustration, then sadness…. big corporations sold us! They sold the American people and our right to information!

  2. Over 210000 Americans dead because little Donald could care less about them. He is an ignorant and irresponsible toddler with a huuuuggggeeee ego. He knows he will get the care needed to survive covid 19 but he does nothing for Americans to access the same resources. He is an insecure poor soul.

  3. Mrs Guinsburg was a brilliant mind, a living legend. During her long life, she's been through some hard stuff, but she never played anything down, she never wavered, she told the truth. She stood for human rights. The rights of all the American people. Regardless of who they are. In one word: She stood for justice. I guess that's what our president had in mind when he said truthfully:« She was an amazing woman,
    whether you agree or not.»

  4. Donald you Are a stupid head You I know you are a old guy no offense no offense but you are stupid CTUPID I don't care if I spell my words wrong FTUPI I don't have care if I get my words wrong because I can do whatever I want 40 years old My husband is 50 so You better run off You better run along low Go away get out of this country Okay Donald I am so happy Till live so I can say this why the heck did you take your flipping Mask off Doing coffee Goofy that's what I'm That was my husband Go away I know you know me by the way just because you're nectar -4 code that doesn't mean that you can take your mask off tell you dumb stupid I know that you're the president but we need a different president Don't I need you to do 1 favor for me shut up Go away and.and die Die Today Hi sucker poopy

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  7. LISTEN: OREGANO POWDER AND WATER; add as much Oregano Powder to make the tea as strong as you want. Place Oregano Powder in the (large) pot and simmer for 1hour. Let cool, and DRINK, DRINK, DRINK UP!!! Watch your success!!! YEAH

  8. People need to remember that Donald Trump is a businessman first and foremost! He is not a politician! So people get frustrated with him I think too easily when he speaks, because he hasn't had the same training in public speaking on this type of scale the way a politician would, he also doesn't give a crap about being dishonest the way politicians are notoriously dishonest! He just says what he thinks in the best way that he knows how, people also need to remember he's the only President that's ever said he wanted to accept any pay for his term in office! That's very very honorable oh, so the man's entire character is not flawed.

  9. Trump is worse then the covid -19. The virus is just doing it's thing. Trump on the other hand is killing his own people because he dose NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

  10. It goes like this, if your proud to be an American you will vote for Trump. If your ashamed to be an American you support Biden. Wake up America!!!

  11. Trump fake news about coronavirus or he lie pretending he has it! Otherwise he still a infected person with coronavirus illness!!

  12. Negative ? If corona was that easy , why 200000 people died ? He is living because of steroid but soon enough it will hurt him big time.

  13. I want to educate someone about the potential of the NEW EDUCATION SYSTEM, if done correctly, it can actually expand schools overseas.
    Imagine going to an online school in Harvard, from your home in Trinidad and Tobago. Call it "Advanced Distance Learning" if you'd like… ADL
    It's the future, Guys! Don't fight it!

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