Nightly News Full Broadcast (January 9th)

Former FBI Counterterrorism Director: “It isn’t over but,” President Trump completely banned from Twitter, and 180 Home members signal onto article of …

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27 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (January 9th)

  1. I don't really have an opinion about Pelosi but I must say, that photo must make her feel completely violated. That criminal did that to send her a creepy message. As a woman, this should not be tolerated. Despite her age, Pelosi is a very strong woman. Kudos.

  2. How shameful of congressional Republicans to downplay Trump's involvement. People died. Republican Trump supporters died. A policeman died.

  3. Everyone is only responsible for their own behaviors. The police at the capital let them in side doors. Fake news awards on Corbett.

  4. So they just want us to cower because calling for an impeachment would be "inflammatory"? trumps been inflammatory since he was elected, so lets please be inflammatory and keep him from running again. lock him and Giuliani up .

  5. I really feel sorry for those people. In 3 weeks, the D.C. Area hospitals will become flooded with COVID-19 patients.

  6. So if the Majority of people here in the US want to go up and tear down our Capital they will be let through??? Any other color or race besides White people from other countries. I know for a fact no one would be taking a selfie with me!!!
    Just proves what they are

  7. I dropped facebook because it had become so toxic with people needing to be snarky . I feel it WAS a happy space for keeping abreast of friends and family and sharing interests. I started getting friend requests from sketchy random people. Beyond that, I feel I am visiting Facebook, I hate the idea of capturing all kinds of info, that I did little posting myself. Then there are the people spoiling for arguments on youtube, anonymously calling anyone who has an opinion at odds with theirs "morons, stupid, and being crude". Of course one does not have to engage with them.😶

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