Nightly News Full Broadcast (January 3rd)

NBC Information obtains audio of Trump telephone name with Georgia officers, CDC information: Greater than 4.2 million folks vaccinated, and Georgia Senate runoff candidates …

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37 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (January 3rd)

  1. This is how he got these other senators to cave, they are pushovers & weaklings. This is sedition & should get him impeached, but our cowardly, remiss representatives will sit on their hands, & the republicans have shown their allegiance is to themselves so they need to be held accountable also.

  2. Sedition and treasonous act against the People of the United States. The grand orange cheeto needs to be removed from the White House. Immediately.

  3. $27 trillion and counting… No one needs to destroy America with bombs… Just wait, they'll spend themselves into extinction.

  4. Someone told me they remove the used and empty ink cartridge with a counterfeit cartridge. That should prove I won.. by the way what is a ink cartridge?.. Dtrump

  5. Honestly, people should wait to get the COVID-19 vaccine until the government get it together. Not enough information and very disorganized. I don’t trust this vaccine. It’s all political…

  6. Thank goodness for honest republicans like the Secretary of State of Georgia. It is disgusting that some republican senators care more about their votes being tied to Trump than the do about the democracy they took an oath of office to defend.

  7. First Trump loses election and starts a rumor "a lot of people are saying there was fraud," then his base listens to him and starts asking questions about voter fraud, then Trump turns it back on them and says "see, I was right, a lot of people are saying it!"

    It's like a feedback loop of treason

  8. USA TV and Internet News Broadcast Stations are seemingly being so very bias these last several years, even more these last several months. The "Left Leaning" Broadcasters are saying that there is NO SIGNS OF VOTING AND BALLOT COUNTING FRAUD. However the ""Right Leaning" Broadcasters, both large and small have put out videos of both VOTING AND VOTE COUNTING FRAUD. For example, there is a video about the state of Georgia Voting and Vote Ballot Counting system–> 'Unbelievable' Dozens of Georgia witnesses step forward to expose election irregularities–Pt1 | NTD . Then for the state of Arizona there is the video–>LIVE: Citizen Investigation Uncovers Thousands of Unlawful Votes in Arizona . The FBI needs to look into these and other videos. Check if "Fake News" and stop it, or determine if "Real News" and greatly look into these statements. I feel that there was not enough problems to overturn the Election, just that there are a lot of problems. Americans need to be able to trust the USA voting process again. Also just why does the USA News Broadcasters cover the "Same News Stories" with so much of a very bias slanted "Story Line". The USA people need to be able to trust the National News Broadcasters as well.

  9. Well.well practicing voter fraud he claims others have done. Trump is a criminal and a freaking SPY abd why are we playing with Him?
    No one is desperate to get an un tested unproven vaccine that already has 17 deaths and is showing some horrific side effects. Propaganda is seriously out of control.

  10. They arent only swamp creatures ,they have the same brain size either.
    Unbelievable! What an embarrasment for the land of the free.
    Where is law and order gone?

  11. Did Osoff just say "y'all " yet he just moved to Georgia. God these israelis got no shame. I never rooted for a republican until now. God help us all.

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