Nightly News Full Broadcast (February 7th)

Northeast slammed with one other winter storm, Tremendous Bowl gatherings trigger fears amid new variants, and federal retail pharmacy vaccination initiative begins …

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34 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (February 7th)

  1. why are you NOT putting out the proof about Fauci using the wuhan lab for his illegal research where he created the covid virus!!??

  2. And what if people stopped throwing their plastic bottles into the oceans like, I don't know, responsible people? That might help!

  3. I think it would be helpful if you tv station make video for covid cartoon . like vs ones for the army back in the day

  4. Stock is the oldest online market we have, we employed it because of the highest quality of services it renders and how successful it is. Today we say cryptocurrency too, all I'm saying us that people should also invest in crypto. It would be helpful.

  5. Should be a mandatory 10,000 dollar fine PER PERSON to a club not following social distancing guidelines. Either follow the rules or get out.

  6. That's funny you mention Duluth, MN. I work in Duluth and yes it's cold. It was 20 below when I went to work yesterday morning.

  7. The hate and greed that Trump spread through this country is the reason murder is up and jobs are down. WAKE UP. 🙏

  8. This is why you don't defund your local police instead take the time to properly train, vet and connect with them thus fewer officers with egos to fulfill & less criminal activity. NOT all cops are corrupt & not all criminals are scum but in reality both are a very thing just remember that

  9. Despite ALL the GUN CONTROL LAWS.
    .. … Authorities said🔫😅🔫. It's EASY to GET a GUN🔫😂🔫😂🔫.
    .. ON the STREETS😎😎😎

  10. People just don’t care. They just had to have the Super Bowl, no masks, no common sense. But those same people will be mad when everyone has to be locked down again.

  11. Omg I got to happy when the man was saved then when he reached up and fell to the side that made me laugh 😂 he still had a smile on his face! Thank God hope they find more people alive!

  12. The oval stop spectroscopically concentrate because saxophone parallely whine without a dangerous biplane. noxious, clumsy lumber

  13. We need to find the source of the dumping in the oceans and have regulators on each ship making sure nothing is dumped or they would have a complete stoppage of their vessels! They do it because they can!

  14. liberals in the United States and all citizens who voted for Donald Trump were made second-class citizens. The victory was stolen from us! The truth is on our side. It's time to establish justice!

  15. We need to watch the COVID cases and deaths before schools reopen. Let the teachers get vaccinated first if they want. Schools should reopen in September 2021.

  16. My god, fear mongering much? The news reports everything as being so extreme and abnormal.
    Whatever you need to do for ratings right?

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