Newspaper 8 – The Best Premium News WordPress Theme by tagDiv

Newspaper is your final key to on-line success! Improved with the newest expertise, Newspaper Eight is all the pieces it is advisable to construct a information, newspaper, …

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32 thoughts on “Newspaper 8 – The Best Premium News WordPress Theme by tagDiv

  1. Hello, i have bought your theme, but can not find anywhere tutorial or doc, who to install / use bbpress. I want to integrate a forum there

  2. Can anyone tell me where I can find out how to change the logo on the mobile theme? Not a word about it anywhere in the documentation. I have my logo installed on the main theme but the mobile logo still says "City News" Any help would be appreciated. Tag Div doesn't provide any help.

  3. Good afternoon,

    Could someone give me an orientation in case of Plugin, as it has been a while that I do not get involved in the Web part, I need an orientation to insert some plugins in this news template


    to work the part of user registration control, insert control noticia, plugin to insert advertisement and have control, among other things that is need for this template, if they can guide which Plugins install to need a news site. I'm waiting,

  4. It's a wonderful theme and we are thinking to buy it but I have a question: how can you replicate animation effects for blocks/modules as you show at 1:56 in the video? I don't see any animation effects in your documentation. Can your theme do fade in / slide in/ etc like Uncode or Divi? I see only something about lazy load fade in for pics site-wide but it's not what I mean.

  5. hi ferdy…i want to display the same elements on both mobile and desktop for this i uninstall td-mobile plugins..but still my website looks difference in mobile not same as desktop view

  6. Hi ferdy ,how are you ? i want to enable social icons in my newspaper theme i enabled the show social icon i header sector using theme panel. and also gives link to each and every social icon..but why i am able to see icons after this ?do you any idea ?

  7. This template seems like something I'm looking for. Is there a way to have video that plays on the home page with other modules or can you only link people to another page with the embedded video? Multi media is my focus and would like to make sure I can have as much variety of content on the home page as possible …thanks in advance!

  8. what kind of a tutorial is this? i bought this theme and nothing works. i can't even get anything showing using default demo installed. nothing. and no information whatsoever or who to talk to.

  9. @tagDiv Me and my Team are thinking of building a Student news magazine and we need help on it with your theme ! Can you help us with the whole process? We don't have any developers , it will be a totally student operated news magazine , we would be very grateful if you could help us.

  10. Licensing, still confused. If I set up a wordpress website for myself. Setup another separate host for a friend's hobby, and one website for a non-profit organization. I just need the one purchased theme, correct?

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