News Of Heated Call Between Trump And McCarthy Raises New Questions Amid Impeachment Trial | TODAY

Whereas closing arguments in Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial had been anticipated Saturday, a Democratic senator says the trial ought to be placed on pause so …

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36 thoughts on “News Of Heated Call Between Trump And McCarthy Raises New Questions Amid Impeachment Trial | TODAY

  1. No big surprise to me. There's many white supremist on the Republican side of the senate that wasn't going to convict him, but he'll have his day in a regular court room where everything will be very different for him. Lock up the mob boss!

  2. TRUMP INNOCENT, IMPEACHMENT OVER. Once again, a big nothing burger. Once again, big waist of time. Once again DEMOCRATS LOOK LIKE IDIOTS.

  3. Just bring in a Sicknick family member to ask, “when is Brian coming home?” Oh yeah, he’s not! Trump and his lies and his attempt to overthrow democracy was the death of a Police officer. And if the GOP votes to acquit, then sicknick died in vain.

  4. There was no insurrection. It was a protest. Remember when President Trump was rushed to bunker during BLM/DNC/Antifa riots in DC? Why should Pence's retreat to bunker be treated differently?

  5. YOU ALL got caught lying and fabricating videos to show to the people. WE THE PEOPLE will NEVER TRUST the MEDIA AGAIN! it makes sense that all the network are now showing this "new" material. What a joke!

  6. Pinky power and colonial cronyism are the world's biggest threats, both domestically and internationally.

    140 Capitol police suffered brain injury, smashed spinal cords, cracked ribs, eye injuries, stabbings and 5 related deaths.

    I guess the next step is civil lawsuits from each of the 140 Capitol cops and each of the 550 congressional staffers.

  7. And then Mc Carthy went and got on his knees for his master and took it like the good boy he has always been. Never forget what his supporters have done to this country! May they all die of covid!

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