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36 thoughts on “NEW Zaharoff Fragrances Discovery Set | SPECIAL HOLIDAY GIFT OFFER

  1. Thanks Ross – this will be a regular product come this Spring. Happy Holidays to the entire TLTG family and to you and yours!

  2. I hate u for making me spend more money! JK bro I been wanting to get a bottle but been on the fence about it. Couldn't pass up this offer though so finally pulled the trigger lol

  3. Received a sample of Signature Pour Homme and I truly love the fragrance. First try on my hand and I couldn't stop smelling it! Been wanting to try the new fragrances and with this holiday deal, what better time than now! That leather pouch is dope a touch.

  4. Ross, great video. I have the set of 3 already and I have let all my buddies smell mine and they love the fragrances and I am sure a few of them will get the travel set. Great job George and I can’t wait to see your leather good offerings!

  5. Oh the travel set is already sold out ! I hope there will be other occasions. I've heard so many good things about his fragrances 😊

  6. I'm sad because my samples never came. Wanted to have my gf by me something from George. I really really want signature after watching his vids.

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