New Year, New Island — Deleting Lost Falls and Starting Antillia // Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Let’s play by way of the start of ACNH 🙂 Welcome to my new island! ✨Be part of our Discord neighborhood: ✨Be a part of this channel …

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45 thoughts on “New Year, New Island — Deleting Lost Falls and Starting Antillia // Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  1. I’m wondering, are we still able to visit Lost Falls through the dream address, or does that disappear along with the save data?

  2. My head snapped so hard when I did a double take, your player looks EXACTLY like mine! The only difference mine has brown eyes not blue, so cool!!!

  3. The willpower and the amount of resolve it must take to hit that teeny tiny button and POOF gone! How do you do it?? All that work, just gone. I want to restart so bad! But all my things!! Lol 😱 Still, looking forward to what you come up with next! 😍

  4. Not only am I too nervous to completely delete all of my decorating and start over, I CAN'T IMAGINE trying to get all the diys and desired furniture again. It's such a hassle and takes forever, even if you get help online or from friends.

  5. ahh i'm happy for you that you decided to get a new start! i bought a switch lite to start a new island because i was too afraid to restart… i'm amazed by how quickly you settled on a map though, i did like 20 resets to get a map i liked enough to keep, and it still isn't perfect (which is why you shouldn't strive for perfection, i guess…) :0

  6. That's a really cool idea for an Island name. K.K. is definitely not in Squares Ville he is the only one who is completely naked.

  7. Oh nice, you chose the exact same map that my island Meribel is on, and I am so curios what you do with the pensinular and that upper beach because yes, I have no idea what to do with it. it's so weird. Good luck with it!

  8. I lowkey want to restart my island, cause I really don’t like the name and the river things. But I have quite a few villagers I really like, and I’d feel too bad for all the items my friends have given me! 😔

  9. I’m really worried that since I’m doing random areas and not connecting the areas that my island will turn out bad, if you could possibly explain what you did it would be just amazing! 😊😊

  10. Just restarted a new island and they gave me Rocket and Stinky……. 😓took all my strength not to restart again but I got a great map and my fave airport colour… the things we do..

  11. I deleted my town on Dec 24 after playing since launch. I think it had too much negative energy from the early quarantine days of March/April/May in it or something. It was cathartic to just start over. Like getting a haircut after years of growing your hair out or finally cleaning out the garage after putting it off for years.

  12. KK is using vintage slang which is probably why you didn't pick up on it. I think they were giving him a Rockabilly vibe with it.

    Cat – a person. example: "he's a real cool cat." KK is not referring to his actual species. You've probably heard this kind of slang recently with Carole Baskin's "cool cats and kittens" catchphrase.

    Squaresville – A square was slang for a person who was uncool, boring, uptight, rigid, etc. Squaresville is implied like a town full of boring ass uptight uncool people. You could use squaresville to refer to a person, a situation or a location that was uncool or a downer or boring.

    Rap – a talk you had/were having. Not to be confused with rap music.

    Once you get the slang his speech doesn't sound so bad. It's just him encouraging you to get more villagers, play with friends and all that jazz.

  13. Wow, so brave, I loved lost falls and it inspired me so much can’t wait to see your new island videos, also restarting my island as I hate the map and layout, but I have stored lots of stuff at my second island, couldn’t restart from scratch

  14. Gotta say I’m really sad about the deleting of your last island, but excited for the potential of your new one 🙂 I could never BARE to do this to my island, even though it’s not AMAZING. Love your videos 😁

  15. You: "I'm always watching you"
    Me: Oh yeah I'm definitely subscribing to this channel. 🤣

    The commentary is AMAZING. 🤣

  16. I love it – can't wait to see how you build up Antillia! ❤
    I have been wanting to start fresh for awhile but I'm so attached to what I've collected so far and my villagers. Lol and you did it so easy – I was crying until I saw Marshal. 😅

  17. highkey wanna redo my island and get a new river/residence services layout (especially cause its right infront of the airport-no room to decorate properly) but I cnat be bothered getting all those damn diys again. think i might just completely redo my current island and switch up some villagers (ive had the same ones for like 5 months now lol)

  18. Louie was my starter and I had to time travel for 3 months to get rid of him… I feel your pain he’s not my favorite either 😅 So excited to watch you and this island grow!!

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