*NEW* PIG UPDATE!!🐷(huge news) | Roblox Islands/Skyblock

As we speak we go over a brand new replace coming to roblox islands! New pigs and different animals!

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42 thoughts on “*NEW* PIG UPDATE!!🐷(huge news) | Roblox Islands/Skyblock

  1. well the baby cows and the big cows jump really high and yes you do need to lvl up to get more animals in your base i think the max is 7

  2. You need to unlock your animal husbandry to get more cows and don’t buy to much tier 1 eggs you can breed the animals to get higher tier eggs and you need to craft the animal bench to get buckets

  3. you need to level up to order to spawn another animal. but click animal husbandry and scroll down it will tell you when you will spawn animal and other stuff .

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