New national lockdown across UK with schools and universities closed as Covid surges – BBC News

Boris Johnson has introduced that England is once more getting into a lockdown, to be enforced by legislation. England joins Scotland, Wales and Northern Eire in …

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28 thoughts on “New national lockdown across UK with schools and universities closed as Covid surges – BBC News

  1. BBC = LOL!!!!! Propagandists and liars! Where's all the evidence? Where are all the bodies? Why has Flu been cured? Pants on fire!


  3. The west in general has sucked in handling the Pandemic. Even so they can swallow the fact that Asian countries have dealt with it much better. Asian countries didn't have stupid protests against covid regulations or masks.
    The cases across Asia are on a decline. That too with all the problems of malnutrition, low immunity. Hats off to Governments and People of Asia

  4. Propaganda is a powerful weapon in war; it is used to dehumanize and create hatred toward a supposed enemy, either internal or external, by creating a false image in the mind of soldiers and citizens.

  5. Covid is a hoax. It’s simple. Do you know anyone healthy who has died?

    Can we trust the government after illegal Iraq war and Afghan war?

    It’s bullshit open your eyes. Why fear a cold???
    Most people don’t have symptoms or just feel tiered!!!! Jesus Christ

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  9. As a result of the education secretary re opening schools in the first place is has been a big culprit of these all the deaths and infections. One has to question the ethics and values of such a man who does not Not does except his gross negligence and failure to protect the civilians nor say that he does not want more poeple to die, become ill due to schools being reopened before people are vaccinated. What kind of person is our health secretary. It is discracful to have people like him who vowel to re open schools in such a crisis. He has the mind and morals of a ss nazi a mass murderer and if schools are re opened before everyone has been vaccinated due to him many thousands more will die a become ill. it is unbelievably insane . He should already dismissed and charged with gross incompetence and mass murder in the name and respect of those people who have already died and will do so because of the incompetence of the UK government and its handling of this crisis.

  10. Heres a hint of how the vax roll out will work…..
    It wont, They will string it along and make it as diffucult as possible missing target after target to keep this Gravy Train of Bullshit chugging along…they dont want this to end. !

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