New Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – Feature Discovery Series Episode 4 (Cockpits) Full

Lastly the total Episode 4 (Cockpits) is right here! Flight Simulator 2020 – Characteristic Discovery Sequence Episode Four Cockpits Do not forget to Subscribe to get extra updates!

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31 thoughts on “New Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – Feature Discovery Series Episode 4 (Cockpits) Full

  1. How can I detach the cockpit view from the outside so that the interior cockpit is on a forward monitor and the outside is on a monitor located behind the interior monitor???

  2. I am interested about the ATC. Will it be improved with realistic voices and accents from different parts of the globe? Also, is it possible to 'ask' ATC for avoiding stormy weather? Will flight planning be more precise with ATC? I would also like to ask about "instant replay", will this be possible to be rewritten as a 'replay' of the whole recorded flight? As with FSX in the past, instant replay only played back seconds of the last of the journey, usually landings at the end of flight. Is it possible to take on board Laminar Research X Plane 11 idea, by having replay as long as the entire flight? This would be great and I would like to see an interior view of the fuselage of an aircraft where you can be a passenger and experience your flight as you flown it in real time, when in replay. This will complete FS2020. Along with VR Oculus rift use, enabled.

  3. Love the direction this sim is going. As a regular flight simmer /actual pilot myself though, I really need the VR. It puts you in the cockpit, makes you feel like your there. It helps to be in VR when your flying circuits around the airfield and get a sense of depth and perception of your environment. It also looks amazing.

  4. Was REALLY excited when FS2020 was announced. Unfortunately the lack of VR support was pretty shocking. Without VR I’m couldn’t be less interested. : (

  5. This is sooo promising! I really hope they will get really everything in 3D, including where I live.
    I wonder, will this run on something similar as Google Stadia? For I feel that we need some kick ass computers to run this sim…

  6. other video games engines….
    i think of physical Unreal Engine or Valve / … so on physical engine.
    imagine you have a pen or paper, laying of a seat. You make a looping, and, with the less G, you see floating the pen or paper beside you in the 3D cockpit. Even a glass of water. The water in the glass becomes a bowl, squewed by the differents forces.

  7. You pointed the microphones backwards. They should be at 90 degrees in an X/Y configuration as well, not parallel to each other.

  8. i dint buy fsx cause it dint have the ultralight chanlanger 2, canadian lazair, super pelican
    homebuild davis 2
    and if this fs dont have some of doss plane in the start im not buying it

  9. Finally modern games are made in a way where I don't need to mod and get several texture packs to improve the dogshit quality, looking forward to this.

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