New Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – Feature Discovery Series Episode 1 (WORLD) Full

Lastly the complete Episode 1 (World) is right here! Flight Simulator 2020 – Characteristic Discovery Sequence Episode 1 (WORLD) Remember to subscribe to get extra updates!

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41 thoughts on “New Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – Feature Discovery Series Episode 1 (WORLD) Full

  1. come on guys, when your doing a comparison shot, keep with the same city, or shot your comparing with different level of service, so you can see the difference, using different citys is no comparison as they are so uniquely different from each other to begin with.

  2. Anyone else smell a "Subscription Model" in the works? I don't think Microsoft would put this much money into developing this just to let it go for $60 a pop. They must know how fanatic the flight sim community is, people will easily drop a few bucks a month for the "Online Service" to get those nice procedural generated blades of grass. Hope I'm wrong.

  3. How about performance on cruise level? I suppose the details of the environment are rendered based on altitude and visibility? I do not need to see a piece of grass at FL390 😉

  4. OMG I have to hand it to you, 40 year flight simmer here. Mind completely blown. I cant wait! How is this possible? I am losing it. I keep saying to myself – whats the catch?

  5. I'm really looking forward to cruising along at FL400 content in the knowledge that individual blades of grass are being rendered down below…

  6. That must be the best fucking game i have seen in my entire life.
    Im buying that the second it comes out. When is the exact date when it is released?

  7. I hope, player can walking and driving car to road. And make RolePlay. 😃
    If yes, i fell this best game in the world.

  8. I've heard they are not doing VR? Honestly I can't go back to 2D anymore. Not in a flight simulator. That depth and immersion is critical to me now. Even if it doesn't look like the graphical masterpiece above.

  9. Will there be a free trial mode to see if my computer can run it? Because I would like to try it out without buying it first.

  10. I think they should put cars in that game, really it could be a pretty good experience to try even if it's going to be low res texture on the ground, you could like do multiple days road trip 😮

  11. Awesome, thanks for uploading this video! I can't wait to try it! Does anyone know how realistic the flight physics simulation or weather physics simulation will be compared to X-Plane 11?

  12. In my country a new airport has been opened. will the sim be able to add that automatically or do i have to download it?

  13. I'm really not into flight simulators but the way you digitalize the earth is insane and you have definitely triggered me to check out the simulator as soon as it arrives on Xbox.

  14. if you can scan the real world, you can place id diggitaly on existing and uses data as replace of "ILS" and land autonomous because you got all the data on every airport, right ? …but MONEY MONEY MONEY.

  15. Would have been much better if the three comparisons showed the same place… I'm bit skeptical but still very hyped for this.

  16. The source data is bing map and the result is very accurate, but many Town like paris can be improved. Imagine if source data was Apple map for exemple…( more 3D Town for Apple)

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