New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

Watch coronavirus livestream protection of the outbreak as COVID-19 spreads, impacting markets and day by day life throughout the U.S. and overseas. » Subscribe to NBC …

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33 thoughts on “New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

  1. Epic Stop the Steal wild rally, January 6th, Washington D.C. We make a stand for our rights! We do what is asked of us to do as stated after We The People! This is our Country! This is our Money! This is Our lifetime to do whatever we can for our decedents Lifetime! He has had our back when everyone was stabbing him in his. Its time my fellow American patriots! Its our time!!

  2. One of the things I like about Gov Murphy is that he does not have that typical high pitched NJ accent. He has a calmer voice and is very easy to hear. I have lived in NJ for a while now and I still cant get used to that accent you feel like you have to raise your voice to their level just to communicate with others sometimes. The language of America might be English but every state has completely different dialects.

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  5. As is known to all, it's the CCP's coverup that has caused coronavirus pandemic worldwide. But it has been found that coronavirus likes the CCP members and its followers or those who are pro-the CCP. So, to condemn the CCP or reject the CCP is also a good way to protect oneself from the virus. Please sign the petition to end the CCP:

  6. "I run the most corrupt state in the union. Please send more federal aid and I will see to it that 95% of it evaporates into thin air…thats what we do in NJ."

  7. Well I for one cannot wait to get microchipped. Totally cyberpunk-esque, also do we really need small businesses? I mean we still have mcdonalds and walmart and Amazon. Our government has never steered us wrong.

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  9. New Zealand has had NO Covid fatality in over 4 months. NZ took the WHO simple 3 point plan seriously.

    9 months after leaving WHO the US has a Covid death EVERY 27 seconds and is internationally ridiculed.

    Germans are still teased about Nazis today, 75 years later.

    It follows that Americans will be teased about being simple-minded MAGATs in 2095 !

  10. Trump HERD IMMUNITY = US Covid death EVERY 27 SECONDS!

    Trump WARP SPEED = 80% of US population waiting until late 2021.

    US 341,872 Mexico 122,426 UK 71,109 Canada 14,970 China 4,634.

    NO VACCINE & NO COVID = New Zealand 25 and Taiwan 7.

  11. China, Russia and Germany distribute their vaccines to themselves and many other countries.

    The world teases the US as it promotes warp speed while buying vaccines created in other countries.

    US Warp speed may finally catch up with Taiwan 7 and New Zealand 25 sometime in late 2021!

  12. So is he out lining how Democrats are destroying small businesses and people's lives across the Republic for nothing? Because everywhere Democrats have their Draconian lockdowns that are unconstitutional, covid-19 infection rates are skyrocketing

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