New Discovery – The Swamp Biome! – Valheim Survival Gameplay Part 10

Welcome to Valheim! A brutal exploration and survival recreation for 1-10 gamers, set in a procedurally-generated purgatory impressed by viking tradition. Battle, construct …

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31 thoughts on “New Discovery – The Swamp Biome! – Valheim Survival Gameplay Part 10

  1. aye royal ive been subbed for years i grew up with your videos like way before ark and all that good ole days im 19 now and i just want ti say thank you for everything helped me on my down days be safe and keep up the hard work

  2. Don’t worry guys, Texas Winter only lasts 7 days at the most. We’ll be back to shorts and TShirts next week. This is prep for our 107 summer heat

  3. The devs say that the raspberries and flint respawn, but they’re the only things that do. (Non animal-wise) But you can’t grow berries, unfortunately.

    Ancient seeds are from the purple Greydwarf spawners, and randomly from the Greydwarf Brutes/Shamans.

  4. I live near Houston, TX and the only time I've ever seen this much snow was when I went to Utah on vacation this past November. I DON'T LIKE IT!!!! (Sorry for yelling, I just feel very strongly about this.

  5. “Too lazy to watch livestream” bruh some of us work full time jobs and don’t have an infinite amount of time to watch streams. Chill with that

  6. I actually found your channel yesterday when I started watching your Eco global survival 21 day experiment playlist (because it popped up on my home feed as reccomended) but this is the playthrough on which I subbed

  7. Wonder if its possible to climb yggdrasil in this game. That would be trippy. Also o.o the world serpent, God of War style.

  8. Havent watched partially royale in YEARS. I don't even remember what game I started watching you on. Maybe ark idk. missed you bro

  9. You should do an ark pve server and do another base voting like you did in eco and make it for Xbox and Microsoft 10

  10. I’m from Oklahoma and it’s been just peachy 🥲 especially when you have animals to keep alive and warm 😂😂 I feel your pain also just subbed love the vids!

  11. Don't need to waste your carrots the boar eat mushrooms and it tames pretty much the same amount apparently.
    Save your carrots for the stews.

  12. as a wisconsinite im looking at picturss of this texas snow and the whole time im thinking you cant even make a decent snowman with this puny snow. kids cant even play tunnels in the front yard ffs.

  13. Really loving this game so far. Love the building too how there is actually gravity. You could really build some amazing stuff in this

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