New Discovery plus streaming app service review w/ Tim Malcolm 90 Day Fiance

5 Stars however watch the video……So many channels…a lot content material….. It would shock you what number of channels the Discovery Community owns… It’s actually like …

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16 thoughts on “New Discovery plus streaming app service review w/ Tim Malcolm 90 Day Fiance

  1. That's a ton of content for sure. Haven't watched 90 day fiance but now I have to bc I can be like "I know that dude…sorta…okay not really but…"

  2. Maaaaybe if everyone watches your episodes TLC/Discovery will see the numbers and put you and Veronica back on!!

  3. For anyone that has Verizon/Fios you can get Discovery Plus FREE for 6 months/1yr depending on your plan.
    I got this STRICTLY for 90 Days content. I'm pleased so far. For just launching I think the navigation is pretty good. When you type in your name it's going to pull anything that has someone with the name Tim or Malcolm. For example when you put in Tim the show Moonshiners will come up because one of the people on the show is named Tim. App is $4.99 with ads, $6.99 without.

  4. Hey Tim! We love to watch you and Veronica on all the 90 day fiance shows. When I found out about this new app I literally stocked the internet waiting for it to launch so I could download the app to my TV lol.
    BTW, the ID channel is investigation discovery. It's all shows about true crimes and the investigations involving them. Pretty cool channel and content.
    Can't wait to see what all they come out with with you and Veronica, and of close some of my other favorite couples (yes I know y'all aren't together, but still love the friendship you have. Reminds me a lot of my ex husband and I.)
    Take care and be safe out there.

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