New details emerge in McCarthy's call with Trump on January 6

In an expletive-laced telephone name with Home Republican chief Kevin McCarthy whereas the Capitol was below assault, then-President Donald Trump stated the …

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42 thoughts on “New details emerge in McCarthy's call with Trump on January 6

  1. The man that demands Loyalty from All!!! Has None himself!! Go figure. From Pence, Rudy, His Wife and Children, Supporters and Loyal Voters, It's All about The Donald

  2. This was no insurrection at all. This was a lot of angry people who wanted to confront their leaders. None of them went into the capital with guns. If they were trying to overthrow the government, the capital police had all the weapons not the protesters. All summer long what BLM and Antifa did was 100 times more violent and billions of dollars of damage was done. Many were killed including police officers. Innocent people had their businesses destroyed who had nothing to do with anything. No prosecutions for the Democratic murders and true insurrectionists.


  4. Jamie,,,,,CNN. Why did you pay John Sullivan. Self proclaimed left wing activist $35,000 and had him sign a pre approved contract on the morning of. The 6th To video tape. On the tape he made it shows him breaking a window. Showing a knife. And inciting the protestors to keep moving forward.

  5. Democrats planned the insurrection .That's why Drunken Pelosi did not put additional security at the Capitol when she was informed that there have been plotting up to a weak in advance. Democrats are domestic terrorists

  6. God Bless President Trump. The Globalists stole the election and put their puppet in place. Very sad. Praying for the return of the rightful winner.

  7. EXPLAIN TO ME: "Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews,” Credit to Gina Carano!

    This is a description of comparing outline in history. This Media stuff has to stop, get un-bored and help come up with solutions. To fix the today problems and Now. I am not offended, because it is True. So, explain??? I am confused.

  8. I hope everyone learned a lesson from this..Loyalty to Trump has been proven over and over especially in last year….Those who stand by Trump, are anly there to protect their jobs, not the American People….How did people vote for a Democrat President, and Republican Senators? I voted straight blue, and so did millions of voters…Where did the red votes come from? Amy Mc Grath should have won Kentucky, but no vote count…Jamie should have won S. Carolina, but no vote count….WHY? I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM THE VOTERS IN THOSE TWO STATES…..JUST LIKE GEORGIA, DEMOCRATS SHOULD HAVE WON….2022 COMING FAST…REPUBLICANS ARE WORKING ON THE VOTE, DISCRIMINATION, NOW…..PAY ATTENTION VOTERS, IN YOUR STATES….

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  10. Lol, Trump didnt say or do anything differently than any other DNC sebator or representative. Including Pelosi!

    As Trumps lawyer showcased repeatedlty thru the impeachment.

    Too bad the DNC doctered evidence.

  11. Democratic Party are the only Criminals around here…..they've proven it many times over. world wide…"Trump who dared to defend us….is under attack because the criminals are threatened & need him shut down" Blatent cheating, manipulation & corruption by the Democratic Party…..your right….this is a long way from over…..Civil War is closer than you think…..we're through being robbed & raped by the Clintons & Obamas of the world.

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