New coronavirus strain “may be more deadly” says Boris Johnson – BBC News

Boris Johnson has mentioned there’s proof that the brand new variant of coronavirus spreading throughout the UK might be extra lethal than the unique pressure. Authorities …

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20 thoughts on “New coronavirus strain “may be more deadly” says Boris Johnson – BBC News

  1. α )) 유로ㅎ..기관..주주류..

    개구리..골루ㄱ.. 개..골루ㄱ..자겪..앙밖탈ed.. 내..ㅈㅌㄱ읃ㅇㅓ타..유럽연합..라도 가ㄱ잇는..

    도,x.에서.. 왜..상관질..?.. 지덜..권리..도..x.. 원래..도.

    읍는. 구런..싞 권리 는.

    내중..ㄸㅣㄸㅏ상ㅌㅐ..보ㄱ..골라.. 라도.. .. 읍ㄴ. 아ㅇㅖ. 쥬얼ㄹㅣ..후보..희망.. 지덜

    보ㄷㅏ.. 몇..만..배 급으로,내한ㅌ ㅇㅖ의..다,

    갖춰..잇어엇엇ㅆㅓㅆ..야 류 엿던. 원ㄹㅐ 급..자ㅅㅔ 란ㄱㅔ.

  2. [ a ] 00’…01’.. 911…

    … ……

    ① …근ㄷㅣ..

    또ㄹrㅇㅣ회.. 주주류..모임 도,x. ㅈㅔ앾회ㅅ..껀.. 주주류..모임 도,x. 분명.

    ..14억..노ㅇㅖ류..는,ㄴㅐㄲㅓ시다..우덜.ㄲㅓㅅㅣ여.. 모임.. 은,ㅎㅐ줘ㅇㅑ..엿던. 18’nov,1..

    날ㅉㅏ로 ㄱㅖ산 땡. 젤..늦은…날짜 로. mar..aprl..앺..댕길순..ㄷㅔ, …. …

    ….. 땜, 뒤로 뺀.

    방ㄱㅏ..r젂..ㄸㅣㄸㅏ.. ㄲㅓ리..나,받은.

    …. ….

    ① 개구ㄹㅣ 는, 방ㄱr..젂..ㄸㅣㄸㅏ 되는. …“ㄱr~zㅏ~ㅈㅌㄱㅌㅏㄱ~..” gen마담..

    앙오겟꾸만. 오널ㄷ… 10:00.. 11:00ㄲㅈ 라도.

    유로ㅎ..ㄱㅣ관류..중심..아녀. 방ㄱr..젂..ㄸㅣㄸㅏ..로는,ㅇㅏ니되ㄱㅔ..해달ㄹㅏ.. 하러. un본부.


    α )) 10:00 이후..일,필ㅛ도..읍ㄲ.. 롸잇나우 급,부ㅌ..

    유럽..대다ㅅ..의견 도, 중굮.. 굮ㅈㅔ사회..상ㄷㅐ 사업질..하던류s.. 방향..부터.. 잘못되엇ㄸㅏ..

    논ㅍ.. 도.. 나.. ㅉ~ㅜ~k~ ㅇㅔ…

    ㅈㅅㄱ 젤,후진동ㄴㅔ..구냥,댕첨으로..ㄷㅓ,가솎ㅎ 는.. 어제..부터 고. ㅈㅅㄱ공개젂..급..으로 도.

    ..몇..y..된 이라. 지젂..시작.. 으론.

    α )) .. 또ㄹrㅇㅣ회.. 주주류..모임 도,x. ㅈㅔ앾회ㅅ..껀.. 주주류..모임 도,x. 분명. ..또..중동중심.. 전..

    통..의.. 잇던..애s.로만.. 모아놧..나..

    ..유럽..생활..에서.. 이..맹콤.. 뽀ㄷㅐ나ㄱㅔ…ed.. 잉..ㅈㅑ..

    “ㅇㅏ낚ㄴㅔ..ㅇr낚네..ㅇ…ㅑ..ㄲ~~’ …민ㅎ…

    ㄸ라이ㅎ..회사.. 머…구냥… 과학..기술s..껀.. 대가리..존..수준..ㄱㅣ여도..큰.. 같든..

    중동중심..출… 1..2..3..4.. ㄱㅐ념..란게.. 어디..출.. 제시..엿다.. …

    ① …10:00ㅉ..ㅣ도,지난..

    유로ㅎ..로는, 방ㄱr..젂..ㄸㅣㄸㅏ, 방ㄱr적,ㅇㅑ동 껀 만,받는.

    ..깐딴..표현.. nt.. 쎈따..은행..마다.. 방ㄱr적,ㅇㅑ동 껀 과,같ㅇㅣ 보관..라는.. 겟는.

    구람ㅅ..껀 하곤 상관 x. 이어..ㄸㅣㄸㅏ..딸..라도..되나… 하곤 상관 x. 깐딴ㅍㅎ..

    α )) ㅈㅅㄱ공용..화ㅍㅔ..유zㅣ..의미.. …ㅈㅅㄱ..집집마다..굮..ㄱㅣ..정도.. 는.잇듰.. 구입해논..

    방ㄱr젂…ㅇㅑ동 껀 도..보관.돼..잇다 는. 긍ㄲㅔ..

    또..중동중심.. 전통..의.. 잇던..애s.로만.. 구성..해가..모아놧..나.. 기관..관ㄹㅣ… 운영…

    짂원류.. 라고.

    α )) 구분…

    방ㄱr..젂..ㄸㅣㄸㅏ, 방ㄱr..댁..하ㄱ..ㅇㅐ정..그득…후ㄲ후끈.. 인zㅣ..

    방ㄱr..젂..ㄸㅣㄸㅏ…남매..ㄲ리..가졲..적..ㅇㅐ정..그득…후ㄲ후끈.. 인zㅣ.. 구분..홖인..하겟ㅉㅣ..

    짂접.. …집집마ㄷㅏ.. 야동..자료.. 구입..햇든.. 받앗든..

  3. Perhaps Boris should remember that in the past prime ministers were Executed for treason…remember Pierre Laval….
    The scenario is not much different…in Laval’s case it was for collaborating with the nazis…in Boris’s case collaborating with the criminal globalists.All the traitors in the media and government will be judged for their crimes.

  4. If the virus end at the early of 2022 still it will be considered as fastest end of virus in history. Which is unbelievable.

  5. Test kit Vaccines are the Trojan Horses. That turn off your emmune System then the Antidote will destroy your DNA, with the Geniside Depopulation killer Vaccines.

  6. What happens if someone’s got COVID but didn’t be really effected by Covid by went to hospital with a broken arm or leg for treatment.
    The Government will Just Focus on oh someone is in hospital with COVID and be really enthusiastic about the fact he had Covid not mention they wasn’t there for COVID because it was not effecting them because it’s over they went to get help for their broken arm or leg that won’t be mentioned oh no Just Covid he had COVid he’s in hospital even went to A and E for help and left after 3 hours or so they will still say in hospital even once the person has gone home 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Also if someone dies that has or Had COVID but the COVID wasn’t the actual cause of their death instead they died from a heart attack
    committing suicide
    Work injury

    Other illnesses like

    Heart Failure
    Kidney failure
    Blood poisoning
    Liver failure (Cirrhosis)
    Chrons disease

    They just won’t mention those things they will just find if this person had Covid with a Test or antibodies blood test and say yep they had Covid and put that on the death list for Covid related one’s

  7. Keeping people under house arrest etc under lock and key .

    you can’t do this you can’t do that

    you can’t go here you can’t go there

    you can’t be here you can’t be there

    You can’t wait here you can’t wait there

  8. Can’t consider lifting restrictions in England until the vaccination is working right ok , and Boris and others have said people with the vaccine can still spread the virus 🦠 as I always saying the virus I do believe it’s real 100 per cent and people have been effected and hospitalised but Government and politicians stop exaggerating in some areas that you’ve added in as extra just stop lying

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