New coronavirus strain is far more infectious and spreading among young – BBC News

The newest scientific evaluation has proven that the brand new variant of coronavirus spreading within the UK is way more infectious than the usual pressure. Researchers at …

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33 thoughts on “New coronavirus strain is far more infectious and spreading among young – BBC News

  1. Everyone listen to me , use masker when you go out , don't go to party and meeting , some where too much people , protect you and your family from corona , make a distance between each others

  2. This has been altered. No way 17natural mutations occurred only to the most effective part of the virus. There is a lab somewhere hard at work ensuring our doom. Maybe CRISPR in the hands of public wasn't a great idea.

  3. The top of the world’s covid-19 virus epidemic prevention is the paradise (Taiwan) that foreigners want to enter, and it is also the world’s only best refuge and epidemic prevention place for human beings. It is the safest place in the world and the only remaining pure land for humanity. Please cherish all these beautiful places. It is also God's Noah's Ark.

  4. Journalist must be cowards and ought to be ashamed, they spew what they are only allowed, even if that means lying. Such a sad world

  5. Researchers at Imperial College London are a laughing stock. If BBC auto-cue readers were journalists they'd be aware they appear as either brainless or psychopaths.

  6. This is something you have to see in relation to the vaccine given. The areas where as vaccine has been given also there you have this event. Reason is that small parts of Covid are inside the vaccine to have your body working produce immunity for this virus but……. as a variant from the "mother" virus it will spread quickly around, gone after some days and is NOT deadly. You do get this variant virus easily and is also gone quickly. By testing you will have a positive outcome. That is where you have those high figures from.

  7. I've been looking for help to recover my lost account. All thanks to King_Spyy On Instagram, he's a legit hacker.

  8. Died from covid or died with covid?

    So the government is saying eat fatty foods, smoke as much nicotine as you can, drink loads of alcohol and take as many drugs because these things no longer kill you, but covid does. Hmmmmm. I say this because no one has died of anything else.

  9. Once again, BBC news advertising, police brutality on black people, which will encourage protesters out once again. Spreading this very deadly virus. No wonder nearly 3 million people infected in the UK. My step mentally handicapped brother age 33, mind of a 8 year old, got systematically beaten each day, and his income take from him every week, by black guys. Then he died, after a severe beating. But our family still supports BLM…BBC news is all doom and gloom as it is, with this pandemic. Your are a disgrace to the UK. Protests and riots could happen again, already nearly 3 million infected in uk. BBC news there is blood on your hands. Absolute disgrace!

  10. COVID 20 Can delivered across Countries Thur Overseas Couriers and Some Countries have no Detection device on this new Strains.

  11. Tired of living. I want to die of viruses don't want any stupid vaccines. Abused and tortured. Not happy living on earth like many bedridden waiting to die too!

  12. ok, here's a thought, could the new mutation have escaped from the pfizer labs? bit of a coincidence that pfizer's labs are based in kent: sandwich and canterbury where infections were low, then suddenly a rampant new strain mutates from within and ravages the county like a wild fire. and of course pfizer's head office in london , a sitting (dead) duck, ripe for a perfect mutant storm… quite a coincidence…

  13. It might now be more infectious but is it less potent than before. Its OK dramatising the numbers but give us facts about the effects of the new strain. Nobody is talking about that now. Why?

  14. British propaganda!!! Even not a shame showing empty hospitals and all their stuff giving interviews from home

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