New coronavirus cases on decline as US death toll nears 400,000

Infectious illness specialist Dr. Todd Ellerin discusses find out how to shut the vaccine administration hole, President-elect Joe Biden’s vaccine distribution plan and …

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42 thoughts on “New coronavirus cases on decline as US death toll nears 400,000

  1. If Trump were still president, COVID-19 cases would be 300K+ a day and schools, restaurants, theme parks, barber shops, and travel would be closed or severely limited until Jan 20, 2025

  2. Before flipping out over the “death toll” consider this


    • Age-adjusted death rate: 724 deaths per 100,000 people

    • Avg. life expectancy: 78.7 years

    • Deaths: 2,839,205

    • Population: 327,167,439

    • Leading cause of death: Heart disease (655,381 deaths, 23.1% of all deaths)

    • Second leading cause of death: Cancer (599,274 deaths, 21.1% of all deaths)

    • Third leading cause of death: Accidents (unintentional injuries) (167,127 deaths, 5.9% of all deaths)

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  3. 400,000 has not died from Corona Virus. They are saying people died of Corona virus that had terminal cancer, died in car wrecks, died from heart attacks. look it up.

  4. W.H.O. "96% PCR test give false positives" vax is killing , crippling and overall doing more harm then good . What happened to influenza ? If one Batch of vax is bad suspect all of it , it's all made the same . Resist the lies wait if nothing else .

  5. UK – new variant 30% more deadly (panic!)

    US – cases decline (yay!)

    Cherry-picked data to for power and control!

  6. Lets hope nobody search the statistics of last year's and finds the numbers of deaths!Coz it would raise questions! Lets hope people are dumb enough to believe the boys media everything

  7. Now that trumpers aren’t going to rally after rally, spreading it and taking it home to share, I predict the numbers will start to decline steadily. Time will tell.

  8. The comment section is full of arrogance. Every news video I watch always have more dislikes then likes. Idk who to believe anymore. The arrogance of the Americans is the reason why America is falling.

  9. I knew this was fake. They did it to make USA look bad under trump. Now under biden it will magically go away and biden call a hero.

  10. US life expectancy is ~79 years old

    ~45% of US Covid deaths occur in people 79 years or older

    ~7% of the US population if 79 years or older

    imagine wanting to save the lives of people that are on death's doorstep. in doing so, you demolish the national economy by bankrupting businesses, force people to rely on the government to live, and cause extreme financial uncertainty to the remaining age demographics in America (93% of the population)

    or in this sense…

    general retirement age in the US is ~65 years old (if you made the most elementary financial moves throughout your life)

    ~81% of US Covid deaths occur in people 65 years or older

    ~16% of the US population is 65 years or older

    as a government, imagine feeling obligated to save the lives of people that should have the means to isolate themselves from the rest of the national population. in doing so, you demolish the national economy by bankrupting businesses, force people to rely on the government to live, and cause extreme financial uncertainty to the remaining 84% that have yet to retire.

    this is America. the above examples are what selfishness looks like. this is what happens when you can't accept death as a fact of life…

  11. The next Pandemic will come from the continued practice of selling animals in wet markets or raising animals in food factories – inhumane to animals – unhealthy food for humans – the birthplace of exotic virus strains – SOLUTIONS: go organic, support regenerative agriculture/permaculture, switch to a plant-based diet

  12. FakeNews19 virus. So deadly you need to take an unreliable high false positive "test" to see if you have "it". If you get "it" you have, according to their numbers, a 99% survival rate. Lucky for all of us they pulled a 90% effective " treatment" out of thin air. Smith Mundt repeal means they can lie to you ad infinitum. Prosecutorial immunity from Congress means they can poison you at will. Let that sink in…

  13. That’s crazy how many years ago the flu magically came out and now out of no where the coronavirus is out both of them killed and got rid of people and supposably at some points the states were on lockdown orders when every business kept going. Sorry for my language but every stupid ass person really thinks it came from a bat, something I would hear from a Nickelodeon movie. hopefully they don’t come out with something else in the future and say it came from a random animals ass hole but this all just is making me think this was human made and obviously to get rid of people without executing them. They have gotten exposed once by a really good person if you know you know. Please all stay home and take care of yourself god bless everyone🙏

  14. The CDC recommends you safeguard yourself and others by taking the following precautions: cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough; wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth; If you’re sick, avoid contact with others so that you don’t spread the infection. More than 150,000 people die every day. The leading cause of death isn’t a virus. It isn’t old age. It is sin. The Bible says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 6:23). Sin is the violation of God’s law. God has written His law on your heart. Being created in the image of God, you know it is wrong to lie, steal, take God's name in vain, or hate another human being. Because God is good, He must punish sin. The punishment He has determined for sin is eternity in Hell. God has provided only one way for you to escape His wrath and receive His forgiveness. Your only hope is for Jesus to save you from the wrath of God. God the Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth. He voluntarily shed his innocent blood and died on the cross, taking upon Himself the punishment sinners who would believe in Him rightly deserve for their sins against God. Three days later, He defeated sin and death when He rose from the grave. Repent and believe the gospel while God has given you time.

  15. Don’t let it dominate you, don’t be afraid of it. That is the message our world’s greatest leader has for you. Those 400,000 dead people forgot and died because they didn’t Trump it. #MAGA

  16. What the hell this is a goddam shame never imagined the death toll would hit 400 000 that’s way too high because idiot anti maskers refuse to wear masks and social distance

  17. Our Dear Leader Joe Biden’s plan is already working. We are now free of this hideous virus. Dear Leader Joe Biden is a wonderful person. It’s been a tough 4 years but we are out of the dark and headed for the light shown by our Dear Leader Joe Biden. The media has been most helpful for our Dear Leader Joe Biden.

  18. N95s are available and affordable online to the public. Been that way for five decades. OSHA does not consider cloth face coverings PPE. Ck out their website. CDC-NIOSH provides a list of approved N95s on their website. N95s filter viral particles.

  19. 400,000 people did not die from any new virus. Nobody is buying the nonsense. We know none of these cruel restrictions are about a virus. Everybody, let's fight back against this new world takeover 2020-21. The years when the glo-balist totali-tarian billionaires did away with democracy and reminded everyone who really controls the world and what happens when anyone challenges them..
    In the relatively short span of the last 12 months, societies throughout the world have been changed beyond all recognition. Basic human rights have been suspended. Protest has been banned. Dissent is being censored. Government officials are issuing rules restricting the most basic aspects of our lives unlike ever-before in world history on a global scale…. where we can go, when we can go there, how long we are allowed to spend there, how many friends we are allowed to meet there, whether and when we can spend time with our families, what we are allowed to say to each other, who we can be intimate with, where we have to stand, how we are allowed to eat and drink, etc. The list goes on and on. And yet people unbelievably STILL think there is a rogue virus from China floating around, and this tyranny is necessary and justified!…..An alleged virus that people only know or believe because they heard about it "on tv. The glob-alist tota_litarian billionaires knew controlling the media was key to scaring the masses into believing the nonsense.
    The globa-lists (totalitarians) and governments have taken control of the most simple and normal aspects of our everyday lives. We are being treated like inmates in a prison, told when to eat, sleep, exercise, given privileges only when showing conformity, punished for the slightest infractions of an ever-changing set of arbitrary rules, forced to wear identical, demeaning, dehumanizing masks on our faces to take away all of our individuality, and otherwise relentlessly bullied, abused, and humiliated to keep us compliant. 
    None of which is accidental, or has anything to do with any actual virus, or any other health threat. Whatever you believe about the so-called "pandemic," it really is as simple as that. Even if you accept the manipulated science, you do not transform the entire planet into a to-talitarian system unlike ever-before done in world history.
    All of this is completely insane. The sane are surrounded by the insane now!
    But this evil agenda is not insane to the glo_balist billionaires behind this. They are laughing at the world while rubbing their hands together. They know exactly what they're doing, which is teaching us a lesson about power and a lesson about who has it and who doesn't.
    The name of the lesson is "Look What We Can Do to You Any Time We Damn Well Want." The point of the lesson is self-explanatory. They do this to prisoners to make the large prisoner populations conform. Lockdowns are used for prisons. Now, the glob-alist billionaires are strategically using it on normal, free citizens.
    And they are doing this with brutal force and restrictions. All while lying and saying this is all about protection from a magical, rogue virus from China. They make the gullible masses believe we are living in "democracies," where everyone is "free," and so on. At the same time, they strategically control all main-stream media to relentlessly talk about the nonsensical virus 24 hours a day, non-stop in order to scare the weak-minded world into child-like compliance and submission. They continue to take away our "democratic rights" at lightning speed.

  20. And now the government is trying to get the nurses who are overworked and burnt out to volunteer their time to vaccinate the public who could care less about the pandemic anymore.

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