New Capitol Riot Footage And Emotional Testimonies In First Days of Impeachment Trial

New footage reveals the violence that happened on the Capitol assault on January 6. In emotional testimonies, impeachment managers argued for the conviction of …

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30 thoughts on “New Capitol Riot Footage And Emotional Testimonies In First Days of Impeachment Trial

  1. Time take an HONEST look at the election data. The evidence is right there, and we all know why leftist conspirators don't want to have a factual, clinical, HONEST discussion of the matter. THEY ARE FRAUDS, and they know what they did. The day is coming.

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  3. Trump will Not be impeached! The true evils is big tech amazon google microsoft facebook target along with the 70% of companies STEALING PERSONAL HUMAN DATA for evil use. That is a violation of every rights and they must all be put down and stopped immediately!!!!

  4. anytime a government has to use millitary to defend public buildings from its citizens,… theres something wrong with the government!

  5. What about the the capital police who opened up the barrier gates to let the protestors in and what about the sympathizers white house police taking selfies with the rioters. I dont here any mention about them how they allowed easier access to the entrance. To be honest I feel like the politicians have some fault in this event as well on both sides of parties cause Americans are fed up with Politicians putting their political interest first and putting American people last just look how they Spend our tax money in all that foreign aid. And our economy is at a delicate balance in a pandemic. Americans are fed up.

  6. Sure looks terrifying how they calmly walk around the chambers. Glad I watched this “unforeseen footage lol”. FAKE NEWS

  7. A key evidence of Trump’s sinister motives is the 27-page report written by his chief pollster, Tony Fabrizio. In that report Fabrizio spells out why Trump lost the election: Because the suburban whites who voted for him in 2016 now saw him as untrustworthy. And because these same voters disapproved of his handling of the pandemic.
    Despite these damming conclusions against Trump from his own exit poll study, he continued to make unfounded claims of voter fraud, continued to mislead his supporters on why he lost the election, and continued to mislead the courts in the lawsuits he filed. Meanwhile, all those around him who knew the truth continued to be silent, thus allowing Trump to stir up his unwitting supporters into violent action against the Capitol in an effort to right a wrong that was never committed.
    Fabrizio’s report clearly shows this and proves Trump’s intend to defraud everyone who had not seen it — including Georgia’s Secretary of State whom Trump tried to coerce into committing election fraud by insisting that he “find” 11,780 votes to help him reverse his election loss.

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