New Attractions Coming Soon to International Drive Orlando – Scooter Tour / Volcano Island & MORE

Newt Scooter Tour of Worldwide Drive Orlando.

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45 thoughts on “New Attractions Coming Soon to International Drive Orlando – Scooter Tour / Volcano Island & MORE

  1. Judging by the way the gentleman pictured is interacting with the nesting hawk… “Hitchcock would be proud”…

  2. Adam, any info on the miniature train tracks that just end at the bushes next to that Hawk Sign? I think we need an explanation.

  3. I remember that volcano golf I think it was 2001 when I begged my parents to take me there. We were visiting for IAPPA for my dad's work.

  4. Just wrapped up my annual trip to WDW and stayed in celebration this time. Very nice and affordable and still super close to the parks. Kind of cool to seeing a bunch of the places Adam had shown us the last few days. Almost took a ride on the chopper which would be cool if you did Adam. I think it is about $65 to see all the Disney parks.

  5. $30 for an hour does sound pricey to ride "ABE". Who owns the scooter company? Is it Abe Froman, The Sausage King of Chicago??? 🙂

  6. Adam, scooter pro. Fun way to get around. Celebration looks like a great place to live. Enjoying seeing what’s around there. God bless you

  7. They’ve bicycle rentals in Chicago, and they don’t cost nearly that much. I remember Race Rock — there was also a Vegas location, I don’t know of any others.

  8. Well Adam, you live there now. Don’t fall for the tourist traps. Buy an electric scooter of your own and save thousands.

  9. That's an interesting place you live at now. I mean you have cars with lobsters on them, upside down buildings and, dinosaurs there. A scooter is a great idea for getting around and doesn't take as much room as a bike.

  10. Adam you are way more trusting of people by leaving your phone/camera and then riding away or toward it. It's a cool technique but I'm afraid someone will still it while your away from it. Please be safe. Love the video!

  11. I was fun to see some familiar places. When we lived in the Orlando area from 1991 to 2003 we went out to IDrive often. My husband's cousin was one of the co-founder of Wonder Works. Lots of fun things to do around IDrive!

  12. You make that NEWT sail like a professional! I don't know if I could do this. You make it look easy. Thanks for sharing Adam! Enjoyed your vlog.

  13. Seeing the abandoned mini golf course gave me flashbacks to your old "Ruins of decay don't exist around Disney World" video. All you need is IMAGINATION!

  14. LOVE love love watching you drive around like this. Seeing you on wheels! Very nice, and a great place to live.

  15. Check out Jean Shepherd's "Trains" on you tube. What a speaker he was. Musings a plenty. How about a trans continental train trip

  16. For the Horizons fans out there- that pirate ship at Pirates Cove was designed by none other than the World Famous Dave Ensign. Check out the Mesa Verde Times YouTube channel for all of Hoot and Chiefs antics backstage at Epcot Center 😍

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