Nether Hub! – Minecraft Survival Island Timelapse S6E43

1st particular person timelapse Survival Island Season 6! Hope you get pleasure from! #Minecraft​ Observe that infrequently, I am going to typically do commentary and/or third particular person …

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31 thoughts on “Nether Hub! – Minecraft Survival Island Timelapse S6E43

  1. Forgot to mention it in the video, but thank you all so much for 200K subscribers! This channel is reaching numbers I thought was impossible for me to reach. So thank you all for watching and following, it means the world to me <3

  2. So sick dude. I respect the amount of time you put into these videos. I play Minecraft a lot so I understand how long this takes

  3. Hi Kemit! Im actually gonna be able to beat Minecraft for the first time. Sooo… yea. I remeber telling u i couldnt find the End Portal…… so ye have a great day btw.

  4. Is it me or are yall addicted to watching his videos too😂? Great job though Kemit, love watching you work your magic in minecraft. Wish I could be this good

  5. Kemit: Thank you guys for 200k
    Me that watched him since the Survival Series S3: You fu–ing did it you crazy son of a bi–h

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