Neighbor Who Called In Idling Vehicle Led To Discovery Of Kidnapped Boy

A daunting afternoon resulted in enormous aid when an kidnapped 1-year-old was discovered protected, David Schuman stories (1:10). WCCO four Information At 6 – February 6, …

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11 thoughts on “Neighbor Who Called In Idling Vehicle Led To Discovery Of Kidnapped Boy

  1. So thankful to God for the safe return of the baby, and for the neighbor lady who called the police to report the vehicle 😇 Also, thankful that we do have the Amber Alert System ✝️

  2. Mother should be prosecuted and jailed for child neglect. Absolutely unacceptable to leave a 1 year old child in a running vehicle unattended.

  3. Person was probably like oh crap this isn't only auto theft this is kidnapping!! And ditched it.. I really hope someone's home nearby has a ring doorbell or a higher quality camera so they could catch that person…a lesson to all parents to never ever ever leave your child in the car for any reason ever!… yeah it's a pain in the butt to have to unbuckle them even if you just have to go back in the house and get your checkbook that's right there on the counter by the door.. because stuff like this can happen or a malfunction with the car or anything else! Just don't do it!! So glad this baby is safe 🙏🙏🙏

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