NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 26th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

Lethal twister outbreak leaves at the least 6 lifeless, CDC director ‘deeply involved’ about 7 % improve in Covid instances, and Georgia passes restrictive new …

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24 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 26th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Fauci is only deeply concerned about his deep pockets holding all his ill gotten money. A million over the table and how much under it to be this corrupt Obiden regime's paid opinion. Reprehensible when you look at the past year & who deliberately fed parallel misinformation to the president about a new & emerging virus. This regime & their accomplices will stop at nothing this past five years to feed their addiction to power & control. First bullying & Libel, the fraudulent investigation & abuse of power to spy and wire tap a political opponent (charges pending), then coercion & bribery, compromising the election, denying the voters right to have the results validated, then Jan 6 and there callous disregard for loss of life which might have been catastrophic had it NOT been primarily President Trump's supporters. The intentional political decision to make it vulnerable to known threats is a deliberate accomplice participation, Bowser, Pelosi, and …

  2. No reason not to remove dead people from voter rolls, require legal citizenship, free citizens and photo ID with proof of residence and for those who have a valid reason & ID to request an absentee ballot if one is needed. One vote per One living citizen and NO votes from dead or incapacitated people. EQUALITY is fair. Those who are making this about race first should stop & second they need to organize a non-partisan support group to get those who need assistance to vote the help they need whether ID or transportation. If this is about voting then all legal citizens have the right. If this is about ID & transportation then help. Make the election day a National Holiday and NOT Sat or Sun since that would be discriminating on those who use one of those days as a mandatory day of rest. If a person wants to vote they will find a way, if they don't they will make excuses why they didn't. FACT!

  3. Ted Cruz why don’t u help instead of bashing your negative words DONT help. How do other countries deal with immigration? So many politicians and you can’t fix it.

  4. Georgia's law is NOT restricting anything but making it a legal, alive and more secure election. I guess Demonrats are afraid if they have to win without the cover of Chaos that they won't win honestly, go figure?!

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  6. Wouldnt a backup reservation for a car just junk up the queue for everyone else? Or cause the company to overreact to analytics and make changes that causes disruptions for others.

  7. Shame on those parents for taking those kids threw that, it's so dangerous crossing illegally threw a 100 miles of hot desert in then the Rio grand river. That's child abuse and Bidon ain't doing Enough to stop them like Trump did, these people and kids would have never lost there lives if Bidon would have never told the world he was over turning every thing Trump did in office, what a waste of tax payers money and time. It's a shame are government can do what's best for there citizens of the USA.

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  9. Get a photo ID and prove your citizenship. If you don't than apparently you don't care enough about voting and voting integrity so maybe you shouldn't vote in the first place. Just get it.

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