NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 8th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

Home Speaker Pelosi threatens impeachment if President Trump doesn’t resign, movies present deadly police capturing of girl throughout Capitol riot, and U.S. …

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30 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 8th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  1. I'm ashamed to be an American. I never thought I would say that. I am no longer an American. I want nothing to do with any of this.

  2. THUS saith the LORD: In the last days, Evil men and seducers, shall wax worse, and worse, decieving, and being decieved. So let no man decieve you by any means. It is written: that in the last days, they will turn their Ears from the Truth, And are turned unto Fables; speaking LIES, And hypocrisy, from such turn away. 1 Timothy 4:2-4 KJV 📃 So GOD be true, and every Man a LIAR. Romans 3:4 KJV 📃 Do not put your trust in men, And don't believe their FAKE NEWS. It's all part of their Fear mongering Agenda! So Turn off your TELL- LIE- VISION, PROGRAMMING And open the WORD OF TRUTH, and read about the GOOD NEWS. Don't waste your time listening to the FRIGHTLY NEWS! WAKE UP AMERICA! because The time is at hand. So he that has an Ear, Let him hear, Because NOW is the acceptable time: Behold TODAY, Is the DAY OF YOUR SALVATION! May GOD bless you, and lead you into the knowledge of the TRUTH!!!

  3. How much do white clan have to do today in order to be locked up for anything? being a different color me a black man in a america would have been shot Dead on the spot and the truth is told and saw

  4. When Mueller said that a President cannot be indicted while in office, it gave Trump a green light to do whatever he wanted to do for all this time, and Trump ended up getting away with murder. Why do I say this? He is still sitting in the White House. Duh.,

  5. Dear VP Pence… why would Trump defend an attack on a US Embassy or Military Base…
    if he won't defend an attack on the US Capitol ? or the Electoral Process ?
    Trump is incapable to Act because he already has been incapable to act

  6. You know what to do when a child is misbehaving and throwing a tantrum? Send them to their room even if you have to physically force them to. To protect yourself and others. Maybe we need to do the same with adults, but wait, their constitutional rights! We're letting people get away with this stuff way too easily.

  7. Trump has distroed this country. ruined this country then he has the nerve to won't to be Prisdent?..he NEVER did his job in the frist place.

  8. They need to do whatever they can to prevent Trump from ever running for any public office ever again, and once out of office he should be prosecuted for all of his crimes, including inciting a riot just as would be done for anyone else who did the same disgusting things he did.

  9. Just curious to know what the CHILDREN thought about the rioting in the summer.. and all the fires, destruction, and hatred and violence towards the police officers who you probably call for help when you need them…

  10. This country needs to focus on solving our internal problems first above all. Health care, education, housing, make the rich PAY THEIR TAXES, creating millions of jobs by bringing our infrastructure out of the 40’s. We all should get a share of our labors.

  11. Estos gringös 'tan locos. Hay que llamarles "Qanutjobs" chingá de brutos que hacen "research" por Google y BitChute. I kid, I'm in the Bronx. I just said that you people are crazy, like that "it's all there" chick frothing that the Deep State and Hillary, are colluding w. lizard people. This is what happens when a basic education is thrown by the wayside. A lowly immigrant who grew up on food stamps and government cheese has better sense than 50% of your population. Like someone said on Twitter, "the whole world is watching the United States like [we] watched 'Tiger King'.

  12. Americans should stand up and have peaceful protest march to oust this madman president… To Save America and truly to make America Great Again! This protest will be a signal to those mindless Republicans who are boot licking this madman at the expense of American Life and Democracy

  13. Trump just sign legislature to put people away in jail for up to 10 years for destroying government property. He signed it because of statues being destroyed on government property. Now that fits into building, furniture, belongings, flags, and windows on government property. Beside the other charges people are facing that's another automatic 10 years possibly.

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  15. Those officers did not move aside to "make way for a tactical team". They abandoned their posts out of fear of the angry mob flooding through. The insurgents in the front told the guards that if they stood down, the mob would allow the officers to escape without hurting them. Those officers should be relieved of duty so they can find a safer job.

  16. They should all end up as Convicted Felonies and NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE‼️ I’m flabbergasted that ppl would just believe the election was stolen because your cult leader told you so. We are in SERIOUS trouble in America if our citizens can’t apply simple logic and reasoning to their actions/thought process.

  17. Trump 100% needs to be impeached again. And removed from office, and charged. Enough is enough. It's time to stand up and make it very clear that this sort of thing is just not tolerated in the US. Can you imagine what strongman led countries like Russia and China are thinking about the US right now? The US looks soft, and weak. Is that how the US wants to appear to potential enemies? America is a joke right now because of Republicans.

  18. No Worries, No problem,
    Everyone Calm down..!!!
    Jesus TRUMP the Messiah Shall come and SAVE us,

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