NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 6th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

Full protection on the U.S. Capitol riots. Watch “NBC Nightly Information With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or examine your native listings). » Subscribe to …

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41 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 6th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  1. 12 % of american are incarcerated – yet these lost causes get to disrespect the notion of law based on proof and running a country and containing a virus.. i got no time for these

  2. I don’t feel one bit of sadness for the terrorist that got shot, they all deserved it! In fact all of them SHOULD have been shot at , plain & simple!!

  3. Trump may get Mexico to pay for the wall after all. After seeing all this chaos, I’m sure Mexico wants that wall more than Trump does..

  4. They need to have choppers, drones, fbi/cia whatever on top of bldgs….I'm sure Dr Biden is worried about her husband, but it comes w the territory. However, just because there are past presidents who were murdered, doesn't mean we should expect the same for all. There just needs to be more security, and if the guys at the WH, pentagon, etc can't handle it, then call the MS13 And pachucos from LA and drug cartel lords, to fight for Biden. What a shame that 5 ppl died because of
    The #Antichrist45

  5. Btch McConnell knows something Bec his wife is leaving before Bidens inauguration. I really hope security is BEEFED UP. Otherwise ppl should turn on trump and not on Biden.

  6. I dare anyone to say the Republican Party and "President" Trump did not launch an armed coup d'etat and attempted assassination in Washington DC! Trump went on TV and practically said he did it. According to Federal Law, a new President has to be sworn in by emergency, and Trump has to be locked in a prison cell without hope of seeing the light of day ever again. But Federal Law is either being ignored or it no longer exists.

  7. Democrats paid them Trump supports do not were Anarchy Tattoos look at their hands Lester is liar like always again.

  8. This is not the way my God what do the Native American Indians think about this? What about the Slaves ancestors 🤔? What about the Boston tea party 🥳 🤔 👀 😏? Let's just ask England what they think?

  9. I think Heather Heyer would disagree with him about never seeing Trump supporters violent. I think the police officers who had to round people up what was it last weekend that they were down at DC protesting and stabbing everybody oh, that happened a couple weeks ago to. Yeah the track record is what is contradicting him.

  10. Trump has no constitutional right to still be sitting in the White House it's an insult to everyone that died for and served this country remove him now. We cannot show weakness to traitors.

  11. But there was no rubber bullet no pecans no arrests no shooting no throwing in the floor oh because they were white people do with white supremacist that's why they got away with it

  12. there is no Republican party anymore…there is the party of Trump only….and we on the left will never forget it and we will never forget this….what every republican runs against Us in 2022 and in 2024, you are guarantee to lose…..

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  14. The interview with Mullen (R) at 15:35 was amazing. His attempt to 'both sides' about rhetoric and civility at this time is pathetic. He's utterly shocked *clutches pearls* upon his first time witnessing violence from Trump supporters. Oh yeah and he's skirting responsibility for doing his part of stirring up the pot that spilled over. On the one hand, Mr. Holt's single question for Mullen was really great. But on the other hand, hearing that man's disinformation spewing nonsense go on unchallenged felt like this broadcast's ugly offering to our modern politics.

  15. The rats came out to dance on the bodies of the covid victims as they did during the plague in Europe. They waited until the country was the most vulnerable. They are not Patriots, they're opportunists. Like their crazy leader Trump.

  16. Hahahaha.there gonna have to go someplace else to have there clean meetings.trump has a golf course not far away….burn your crosses on the green

  17. Most police are cowards, it's shows in the way their behave, if you show weakness they'll shoot you or walk all over you, look how they ran from the Trump supporters like frightened kittens..

  18. If domestic terrorist can breach our capital in such a way it makes me terrified to think of what a foreign terrorist can do and accomplish in our allegedly secure and safe country meanwhile we are being laughed at all across the world Democratic demonstrations have never been so destructive they have been peaceful and yet people were gunned down and beaten by our law enforcement where here they greeted these people and met them with a brotherly like peace most even joined in on the confrontation incredible talk about a breach of government all of these so-called non-violent white people where people of color are marked and often associated with animals just shows how backwards everything and everyone is to the life we are made to believe we should live all the way to the very long distortion and manipulation of our history as people of color and the Fulfillment of our human being making us only a fraction this has definitely been true Savage non empathetic and animalistic Behavior which is only brought forth when they are in large groups this is a great form of cowardice at its best

  19. Truth be told that is what they want. Bidin is going to destroy your country good luck to you all.i have a better chance at winning the power ball then you getting the truth from your own country's ppl

  20. FRIGHTENING …… OUTRAGEOUS….. TERRORISTSS…. BREAKING POINT… ASSAULT ON DEMOCRACY. The only solution now is to take more citizens rights away. 😵😵😵

  21. I don't support any political leaders Left or Right. The world would be better off without any politicians. This is obviously. When did Trump say he won't leave office. He allegedly said he was looking for more votes. If you believe any of this you probably believed hulk Hogan really hated macho Man Randy savage

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