NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 4th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

Lengthy traces and frustration over sluggish vaccine rollout, England to enter new lockdown as Covid variant spreads, and Electoral Faculty problem leaves …

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27 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 4th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  1. At this moment, Falungong youtube channels are plotting armed uprising to against the US gov. transferring. It is obvious that they are forming militia organizations for a crime. They need to be stopped right now.

  2. Fake news…… I'm done with this bs… Everyone should hit them in their pockets .. don't watch any cooperate media … Properganda arm of communist china

  3. This was on a friends page

    Many of you know we were in D.C all day yesterday. My phone has been blowing up since yesterday afternoon asking for what is going on. Or what happened. This is what I know, and what I can tell you. Did I see everything that happened there take place? No. Because there were hundreds of thousands of people there, and there would be no way we saw or heard everything. But what I can share is my experience and thoughts, and opinion of the day. Not once while we were there did we feel in danger, threatened or scared. Not once! There was no groups being so rowdy that we felt uncomfortable. There were thousands of people like us who believe there has been so much obvious fraud and that the corrupt courts of government won't even hear the case. Not one court has ruled on the merits. Not one! We stood united for hours with these Patriots standing for our rights of freedom and for our families future. And more importantly we just want to know the truth. We listened to President Trump speak. He spoke about Mike Pence and that he could do the right thing. And that he wanted all of our voices to be heard and he called for a peaceful march to the Capitol. By the time our group got to the Capitol there were many there. We stood on the lawn of the Capitol and noticed there was no national guards present, and no police. Maybe about 30 police were there on the steps. There were Patriots standing on the steps waving flags. But no riots, no chaos, and no panic of any kind. Nobody was busting windows or knocking doors down. We took videos and many pictures. They were throwing tear gas at times on the steps is about all. Our phone service was terrible the whole day there. But when we reached the Capitol our phones that weren't even allowing us to make phone calls starting working again and all of us were getting calls and panicked texts from our friends and family telling us to hurry and leave because of the riots they were watching on tv. You can imagine how confused we were, right? Here were are standing on the lawn of the Capitol taking pictures and videos and we were hearing about the complete chaos and riots happening on tv by people who aren't even there. We were looking around trying to make sense of it all. We still didn't see any panic from any military unit or police force. In fact, we didn't see much police anywhere. Except a handful on the steps of the Capitol. What we then figured, that there was a staged riot happening somewhere where we couldn't see. Had a federal building been in threat with members of congress inside. I would imagine such a strong military and police force present surrounding that building, we wouldn't have even been able to get on the lawn. But no, here we are standing around like we're at a festival of some sort and not hearing or seeing any chaos. But yet, people at home are watching riots and trying to get ahold of us because they are SO afraid for our safety. We then got at the same time our phones were sending us an emergency message about a lockdown at the Capitol from the Mayor. And to leave the area. Again, we're standing there on the lawn looking at the Capitol building, no rioting, no chaos, people just standing around talking. It was very confusing. We just weren't seeing it. We decided we wanted to get going before the mad rush of other people and get on the tram. We stayed for about an hour longer after receiving these frantic calls from our family and friends. After that hour or so we started heading down the road to the station and noticed the food trucks there. And also noticed that's where the national guard were. Aha! They were all eating hot dogs down the road. Again, no panic, no chaos and no fear!

    Right before we reached the station we heard and saw about 100 police cars rushing down all the roads through D.C with sirens blazing. We thought, well NOW something is happening. But we weren't on the lawn anymore or near the scene. So that riot you saw on tv supposedly had already happened at least an hour earlier. But now here come the police? Odd.
    We got to the tram and we were talking with other people who were just as confused as we were. Friends and family were contacting them to hurry and leave and making sure they were okay! They had the same thoughts and feelings as we did. We had a great day in D.C for a noble cause. And now we were heading home. And there was no violence.

    Now after getting home, getting much needed sleep and trying to piece together what exactly happened. It seems painfully obvious that what you saw on tv was intentional and planned. It also happened we now know on the opposite side of the Capitol where there were only a handful of people.They planned on upset Patriots to be there, be upset and possibly storm the building. But yet they had a very weak police force present. And your national guard are off duty eating hot dogs down the road? C'mon people. You've got to be kidding me! I think anyone who went there planing on attacking the Capitol and causing trouble should be jailed. That is completely unacceptable. There's no reason for any of that. But now we know the news media were staked out on the opposite side from most of the Patriots filming this huge, scary, dangerous riot. That we were totally unaware of. We thought it was odd that we didn't see any media covering the side we were standing on. With hundreds of thousands of people. Why would they? I mean, we were just standing around talking and there was nothing happening. Also, how'd they know the main event would take place on the other side with maybe at best 100 people or less causing problems? Please stop believing the lies the media and our corrupt government are trying to spoon feed to you. That is the real pandemic! What we saw that day and what was being reported on tv are two different things. The only reason those people made it as far as they did to the Capitol building is because they were invited in. They were ushered by the police through those gates like they were on a ride at six flags. Totally unacceptable! Anitfa also has a hand in this. They were there. But that handful of Patriots made a bad call, shouldn't have made such poor choices. Anyone who entered the building should be jailed. But those few police officers present have blood on their hands for allowing them to even reach the doors of the Capitol. Seems like an invitation to me. If there was a real threat, the National Guard would have been present and not eating hot dogs. And we would have seen the fear, panic and chaos since again, we were there! The riots on the other side would have triggered sheer panic all around the building. We would have seen it and heard it. It would not have been contained to a small area with a handful of on lookers. What you saw was staged theatrics.

  4. Trumpp's politics has done great damage to the cause of democracy around the world

    Such scenes should play out in the most powerful democracy, is surely bad news for democracies all over the world.Naturally it has caused shock among world capitals.

    Some leaders of the world singled out Trump for harash criticism.
    Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel placed the blame squarely on Trump.
    " I deeply regret that since Nov. President Trump has not accepted that he lost. He stoked uncertainties… and that created an atmosphere that made the events of last night possible".

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the Capitol chaos " shows above all how fragile and vulnerable Western democracy is". " We saw that unfortunately the groud is fertile foe populism, despite the advances in sciences and industry,"
    he said in a speech broadcast by state television

    Among other adversaries,China compared the violence to protests in Hong Kong.It is foreign ministery spokeswoman Hua Chunying said
    " We also wish that US people can enjoy peace,stability and as soon as possible."
    Konstantin Kosachyov, chairman of the Russian upper house said:
    " The celebration of democracy is over: This is,alas, actually the bottom, I say this without a hint of gloating. America is no longer charting the course,and therefore has lost all its rights to set it. And especially to impose it on others."

    America should get down to
    control and undo the damages to America's prestige and standing in the world caused by this disgraceful course of events.

    reforming the US electoral system so that its processes can't be questioned or Challanged in the manner Trump just did.

    Ph.D. (Arabic Lit.) M.A. Arabic Lit.+Islamic Studies)
    Amena Institute of Islamic Studies
    & Analysis
    A Global & Universal Research Institute,
    Donate to promote this Institute
    SBI A/C30029616117
    Kolkata,Park Circus Branch


  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqVKPg_q-Og American pygmy politicians and judges did to the American people, and the world at large, what Pontius Pilate did to Christ. They collectively committed an act of betrayal, to use that much-cliched word, on an unprecedented scale. Judas has many new members to the traitors and cowards society that he so created some two millennia ago. The media and its owners have also now entered the perpetual hall of shame that belongs to all those who betray their fellow man. As for the legitimacy of the American Administration, it has lost all legitimacy to govern and now is a reflection of the same evil forces that drive the CCP and Islam to be little more than global crime networks against all that humanity represents in terms of its God-given existence, freedoms responsibilities and rights. The world is a darker place for the treasonous outcome that eventuated in the US on this historic occasion. Join group Reclaim America back, outside of Facebook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqVKPg_q-Og Full episode : https://www.facebook.com/rsbnetwork/videos/4345926108757698 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqVKPg_q-Og

  6. What if Lester Hoax actually blamed Antifa desguided as Trump supporters for the capitol riot?? Would that be a shocker?

  7. Bro people not going to keep going on lockdown for y'all just cuz y'all keep saying what y'all saying got a lot down the stage before and it still hurt so try something else

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