NBC Nightly News Broadcast (FULL) – January 2nd , 2020 | NBC Nightly News

U.S. information greater than 77000 Covid deaths in December, vaccine demand overwhelms U.S. well being clinics, and U.Okay. to delay second vaccine doses.» Subscribe …

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32 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (FULL) – January 2nd , 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  2. Wow Israel! Congratulations! It must be easier for them as they are not vaccinating the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

  3. There is no covid. how many died of the flu last year? 0??? so many will die for their part in lying. so many will literally burn. promise.

  4. Shocking the flu is non existance?. How stupid do you think we are? Obviously it proves you are moving the numbers for all normal viruses over to the cooties virus, through the hypersensitive testing. That has been the case from the beginning. Like we have been saying. You are liars. Fake news.

  5. everyone goes to get a covid vaccine, ending up with a big group of people… of course, they don't focus on that.

  6. There will be three types of people this month :

    1) Those who get vaccinated and have a card and most likely a video of it as they do it
    2) Those who refuse to get it and remain in the dark either confused or otherwise
    3) Those who lie about getting vaccinated

    I am from Capetown South Africa and today 9 members of my family have Covid. 🥺

  7. Get in line sheep for the global death vaccine. You think it’s going to save you from the corona? You are sadly mistaken. Save your souls and stay away from the satanic vaccines. The devil is just trying to confuse everyone.

  8. This conversation about how amazing it is that the flu numbers are down…what, half the country has been in the house for months, wearing masks, social distancing — we have a lot of idiots with no regard for the people in their lives and their community. People are not suffering lung issues as much because not as many people are driving or going places in general. It's not a surprise. What I'm wondering is about the people having heart attacks and strokes, etc. Where are they getting care if the hospitals are so overwhelmed? How many unnecessary deaths are there?

  9. First two stories, that’s what il name them.. stories
    Everyone’s out, spread
    Not enough vaccines, spread
    Who needs to watch a film anymore eh
    I’m expecting every version of fear by the end of this program

  10. Think about this , All the years we've been on the earth you never needed a vac but know we do, no we don't this is all an act ,but WHY?????

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  13. Flu Numbers are down because they are blaming it all on Covid, Masks dont work your always touching your face does nothing.. Media is putting everyone in Fear its Hilarious, World Needs Jesus!!!

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