NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 26th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

President Biden proclaims Covid vaccine provide surge to states throughout U.S., Dr. Fauci says we’re in a race in opposition to time to beat Covid variants, and the …

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48 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 26th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Impeachment is a farce. Will never happen. If that is the case, you give future politicians/Presidents free reign for violence.

  2. Equity vs equality. There is a difference. The right sees everyone as equal period. The left does not see everyone as equal. In the lefties mind in order for certain people to be equal they have to be given equity in order to lift them up to a level where they can be equal. So, low income minorities have to be given more so they can rise to equality. Forget about the low income whitie who's just as equal as the low income black or hispanic. The left needs to appear altruistic by identifying disadvantaged group dejour and appear to give them a boost up no matter how meager the boost always is. 47 years in politics and Biden and the other dems have done squat to boost low income anybody. But that's the long worn out democrat platform. Was watching a Carter/Reagan debate earlier. Carter was saying in the 70's what Biden is trying to say now. Nothing has changed under democrat leadership in 50 years.

  3. Whats up Biden? U said u had a plan for Covid19. People are dying and you haven't stopped Covid19. You haven't stopped racism. U said u would. Lol

  4. Then WHY aren't our borders CLOSED ???!!! THIS "Brazillian strain" didn't just pop up……somebody from Brazil BROUGHT IT HERE !

  5. People visiting the website or calling a number to schedule an appointment are also responsible for both going down. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy or this bike meme https://i.imgur.com/vVKQMVA.jpg Instead, the government should create a ticketing system that sends notices to several thousand people to schedule an appointment between a given date and time range either online or by phone. That way, everyone won't flood the website or call center.

  6. Two masks? Sure. Why buy one quality mask, which French researchers tell us is the only way to get protection from a mask, if one can wear two see-through pieces of crap that dont work, cumulatively or severally.

  7. The White House channel today harris swearing in someone with ZERO comments, so I posted "Biden = Bad Omens", I just checked back and they turned off the comments.

  8. Not everyone is going to get vaccinated peeps…. the virus will.keep mutating and it won't go anywhere …be ready stay safe …and if they are coughing…you should be running

  9. Risk of transmission is based upon EXPOSURE. If the prevalence of COVID after quarantine for 6 plus months has not decreased and the incidence of new cases continues then the vaccine is ineffective against spread of the disease because it is NOT an INNOCULOUS. Each strain needs to be norm-referenced against the clinical trial. Who were the cohorts, and did they have HIV or other communicable diseases? If this is unknown why are we using this?

  10. Racism started with the US government ….don't believe me ask the Japanese..indians….blacks….germans….just saying

  11. Speaking about weather, here is the right time to test fully automated vehicles: a good snow storm! Particularly those without any possibility for the human being behind the streering wheel to take over… Did anyone hear about such a test? Or at least on rain?

  12. Why don’t they let everyone get the vaccine I mean I want the vaccine I’m 14 and I’m so sick of waiting I mean I already had covid and I see everyone around me that’s not going to get the vaccine like just let me get it already

  13. What is the source of the vaccine? Three different manufacturers made the vaccine from whom? Is it an INNOCULOUS against COVID? Why do people need a series of vaccines? Who prepared the protocol and who was in the clinical trial?

  14. Thank God for angels like Sue if you have extra give and you will be forever blessed 🥲 God bless your heart ❤️ Sue for being such a huge blessing to others and not being selfish and giving with a genuine smile 😊

  15. Have faith friends, a reckoning is coming, hold the line, the wicked have already begun to falter. Looks for real news elsewhere, and you will start see the cracks.

  16. Former President Trump came in with a policy to "divide and conquer" and several Americans accepted it. Trump has left a country divided, isolated and morally depressed. When or how did Americans no longer care for each other? The OTHER had to be destroyed if needed. A very selfish man and his accomplices enjoyed watching his cult followers attacked Congress. Trump ordered it and they followed orders given by their "leader". A 70+ year old American who doesn't know or has never learned what it means to lose. A bully and a spoiled brat lead this country for 4 traumatizing years. It will take years of truth telling, political courage, and rebuilding of trust to regain what America lost. God help America find it's way toward more justice, acts of kindness and freedom from hatred. mst


  18. I love my parents. Every time I felt like ending it, like after my 28 year old wife died of Cancer, they were there for me. I can always count on my mom and step dad

  19. Yall worse than the church never can admit when your wrong or dont have a answer that right there goes to show u cant be trusted because everybody can be wrong

  20. Whether you believe in a higher being or not…"Our Life"…everything around us, living and non-living, is "A True Miracle" to marvel at !!! Just Beautiful !!! 🌍🌎🌏

  21. Helping EVIL makes you an Angle from Heaven..killing murdering The Most High's Children you're a HERO with Administrative Leave with PAY thus a vacation..this is and will be an ELE for all EVIL…

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