NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Fears of Covid spike from New 12 months’s Eve gatherings, states going through delays and hurdles in Covid-19 vaccine rollout and what new legal guidelines go into impact in 2021.

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48 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  4. 特别是今年下半年进入秋冬季后,大部份出现中国确诊的省份都集中在了接班人的省份。你们说不是还有北京吗?对北京也就中国人民认可的未来接班人之一,包括他的东北工作经历。这几天的吉林与辽宁的确诊病例都是冲着恐吓接班人去的。就像你们看到的我今天骂的北京的确诊病例中居然有8月个大的婴儿一样。你们还不知道的是恶棍当时在北京首都投毒时为了转移视线而又想在湖北投毒,甚至威胁湖北的确诊人数又达到了几千人之多,而当时北京只是10人以下。到底谁才是病毒制造者中国百姓早就了然于胸了。还好湖北省及时做出反映让全省人民都开始打疫苗,才让恶棍不敢再造谣栽赃。重庆以前也遇到过这样的风险,恶棍也想像今年初在湖北投毒一样,在水产品中投毒,重庆官员反映及时对所在水产品人员及货物马上全员无遗漏检验才堵住了恶棍的害人栽赃之心。你们看到的中国很多省份一发生病例马上大规模核酸检验,不为别的,就为了防止恶棍借病毒来封城任意伤害百姓,各省都事先证明自己清白者强。Especially after entering the autumn and winter in the second half of this year, most of the provinces with confirmed cases in China were concentrated in the provinces of successors. You said there is still Beijing? To Beijing is also one of the future successors recognized by the Chinese people, including his work experience in Northeast China. The confirmed cases in Jilin and Liaoning in the past few days have been directed at threatening successors. Just like what you saw in the confirmed cases in Beijing that I scolded today, there was an 8-month-old baby. What you don't know is that when the villain was poisoning in the capital of Beijing, he wanted to poison Hubei in order to divert his attention, and even threatened the number of confirmed cases in Hubei reached thousands of people. At that time, there were only less than 10 people in Beijing. The Chinese people already know who is the virus maker. Fortunately, Hubei Province responded in a timely manner so that the people of the whole province began to vaccinate, so that the villains did not dare to spread rumors. Chongqing has also encountered such a risk before. The villain also wanted to poison aquatic products just like in Hubei earlier this year. Chongqing officials reported that they immediately checked the aquatic product personnel and goods in a timely manner and blocked the villain. The heart of hurting others. You have seen large-scale nucleic acid tests as soon as a case occurs in many provinces in China. For nothing else, in order to prevent villains from using the virus to lock down the city and arbitrarily harm the people, all provinces have proven their innocence in advance.

  5. I don't know if Trump wakes up from his presidential dream, whether he will suffer from schizophrenia. Because he lives in a parallel world.

  6. 爱好世界和平的人最喜欢的是公平公正的人民权力的行使,而恶棍却能在你们全国投票前就说有舞弊你们不觉得他从一开始就是为否定选票去的吗?特别是在选举前提前任命大法官,及这次疫情死了这么多人,去将责任推给别人,从不好好想想自己的防疫政策,带来多大的感染,就像现在一样,所有川普支持者们的集会,想过他们的交叉感染吗?谁该为人们的生病负责。而我们的防疫方法在世界各国都一样用,为什么其它国家就比川普的美国防疫得好呢?而巴西学川普防疫政策死了多少人?People who love world peace most like the fair and just exercise of people's power, but the villain can say there is fraud before your national vote. Don't you think he went for negative votes from the beginning? Especially the appointment of justices in advance before the election, and the death of so many people in this epidemic, to shift the responsibility to others, never think about their own epidemic prevention policies, how much infections they bring, just like now, all The gathering of general supporters, have you ever thought about their cross-infection? Who should be responsible for people's illness. And our epidemic prevention methods are the same in all countries in the world. Why are other countries better than Trump's US in epidemic prevention? How many people died in Brazil following Trump's epidemic prevention policy?

  7. 如果连一个公开的视频监控投票,每一个选举人投票后亲自签定责任保证书,一个票箱一个票箱公开向所有民众监督下打开,每一张票公开一张一张宣读票选,最终出来的结果这样的流程恶棍都说有错,那恶棍想要怎么的选举。我们中国人民还真希望这样的民主选举的东西越早在中国普及越好。我们中国人很羡慕这样的公开选举。而不像中国恶棍那样不择手断的用暗杀恐吓未来接班人,并且投毒威胁接班人其所在省市的无辜百姓。If there is an open video surveillance voting, each elector will personally sign the guarantee of responsibility after voting, one ballot box and one ballot box will be opened to all people under supervision, and each vote will be read out one by one. As a result, the villains of such a process all said that they were wrong, what kind of election the villain wanted. We Chinese people really hope that such democratic elections will be popularized in China as soon as possible. We Chinese are very envious of such open elections.Unlike the Chinese villains, who use assassination to intimidate future successors and poison the innocent people in their provinces and cities.

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  9. There will be three types of people this month :

    1) Those who get vaccinated and have a card and most likely a video of it as they do it
    2) Those who refuse to get it and remain in the dark either confused or otherwise
    3) Those who lie about getting vaccinated

    I am from Capetown South Africa and today 9 members of my family have Covid. 🥺

  10. So sick of hearing the robots talk about surges. Especially after staying completely silent as cities were burning. Not one mention of “surges” then. Even with 100’s piled on top of each other.

  11. I’m so tired of the fear mongering bout covid surges.

    Yes, this is a pandemic and inevitably as time goes by more people will have it and die.

    This isn’t a surge it’s the new normal.

  12. The press is no longer reporting the news but 'spinning' it. The scandemic is a pandemic when the press supports it.

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  14. USA is doomed. Those parties and gatherings will keep us in crisis indefinitely. The vaccines will not be able to keep up with mutations of this monster virus. Praying for frontline health providers. I did that work years ago. Can’t imagine going back now. It would be martyrdom or suicide to go back and help out.

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  16. The new Banana Republic of the United State of America and his "fake" Presidente Joe , elected by the Media corruption…and the people?.. his opinion does not interest

  17. Corrupt Vote Stealing Dems WILL DO IT AGAIN IN GEORGIA !
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  18. Just a matter of time before profiteers in health insurance industry get tired of losing profit to treating the science denying no maskers and increase their premiums.

  19. We must be the only ones watching the News, Because Congress doesn't give a crap. I really hope this is the end of the world. Because 75%of the people don't care. This doesn't even feel like America anymore.

  20. Developing a proper immune response after the shot of an immunization takes from one month up to two months. The vaccine is helping against the first /old type of COVID-19". There is already a case of the "mutated virus"… Are they going to engage the public into nobody needs' type of questionable vaccinations ? We do not even know how effective the new vaccine yet and what side effect people should expect. Testing on having the virus or not having a virus might be negative despite the person could be sick, if the testing had been done during the period of the incubation of the virus.

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