NBC News Projects Warnock Wins Georgia Senate Race | NBC News

NBC Information has projected that Democrat Raphael Warnock wins the Georgia Senate race over Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler. » Subscribe to NBC Information: …

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27 thoughts on “NBC News Projects Warnock Wins Georgia Senate Race | NBC News

  1. Just to be clear. It's not about the Persons, but the Position. Many voted to move the U.S. Congress from a negative standoff to a positive Position. Full Stop.

  2. join the conference call with the president and secretary of the state, Karen, err Kelly! we will find all those 10k votes. this ain't over! lol

  3. = This is the people really fighting for their president, fighting for their honor, fighting for the honor of the state and in fact for the future of their children…, after all, it is clear to any person that the Democrats ONLY violated the law, only by meanness and DECEPTION pushed completely like a zombie INADEQUATE Biden for president of the United States ..!!! = …Not having honor and conscience, the ZOMBIE-Democrats pushed into the US president in fact IT is a brainless ZOMBIE-doll, that would be for the picture Biden-DOLL sat, or lay, and on injections-sometimes as a living even opened his mouth…, and in the meantime, vile, terribly thievish, greedy and godlessly lying Democrats, on behalf of a completely inadequate Biden will rob great AMERICA..!!!

  4. Perdue and Loeffler BOTH rejected the stimulus checks initially and then changed their minds when trump told Congress to issue checks for $2,000. Loeffler has a personal fortune of $1 billion. She and Perdue have no idea what real American families are facing.

    Ossoff and Warnock supported stimulus checks.

  5. I would like to thank Lin wood and Donald Trump for egging your voters to not vote and them kindly obliging. Not just wait for the electoral vote and you senor Trump will be finished.

  6. Georgia Senate Runoff Election Results (98%)
    Raphael Warnock, Democrat, wins the Senate special runoff election in Georgia (+1.2).
    Jon Ossoff, Democrat, is leading against David Perdue…(+0.40)

  7. Whenever a Democrat wins any race I'm always going to think that they cheated somehow because a top Democrat cheated to try to win the presidency of the United States. Pretty low

  8. Kelly the in breed ( just look at her ) wants to follow her crook Donny want to be president ( when people are dying in massive numbers ) he don’t give a crap 💩!! About anyone but him self ! If people listen to his nieces book ! But MAGA imbeciles don’t care just like his leader !! People please get educated! What you are watching it’s lack of education!

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