Navalny reveals investigation into ‘Putin's Palace’ | DW News

Who owns the sprawling palace advanced, with its personal amphitheatre, a teahouse and a helipad on the Black Sea? Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has launched a …

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29 thoughts on “Navalny reveals investigation into ‘Putin's Palace’ | DW News

  1. This could be seen as fabrication to attack President Putin Russia's greatest President similar to America's greatest President Trump. Reports on YouTube shows Pres Putin is worth over 80 B dlrs and could have built this exclusive Palace from his financial reserves. Navalny need to get educated on this.

  2. A funny quadrocopter flies over Putin's residence and the FSO looks at how Navalny and his comrades are driving it.

  3. Kremlin: It's nonsense. Drone footage: It's right there! How on earth could all that exist and the government not know who owns it? Why not simply say it belongs to so and so? Anyway we see this in Africa too. The minute you criticise the abuses of power, corruption and theft of a dictator you're a 'western agent'.

  4. Nothing is going to change. This whole planet lives for the purpose of making money.everything in this life is about money. Even the people who bring this information to you on social media do it for money. Label it any way you want pessimism or whatever it is reality and it's getting worse every day everywhere. One day all the rich and powerful will combine their wealth and power and will wipe us out with drones. But automation isnt quite there yet. You still farmers, engineers and garbage collectors etc. Once all of these are automated your Terminator film begin. The big mistake people make is thinking that countries will look out for them self and would not team with foreigners from other countries….wrong rich people consider their wealth a nationality therefore Putin and Trump like each other and have more in common that Trump and average American or Putin and average Russian. Now back to 23 hours 59 minutes out of 24hours a day to daily scheduled advertising brainwashing. Buy that car, buy that phone, buy some clothes do all the useless stuff that we want you to do just Do NOT Revolt😉

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