NASA's Mars Rover Perseverance Lands On Red Planet | NBC News

Watch dwell protection because the NASA rover Perseverance lands on Mars after a journey of 300 million miles that took practically 7 months. » Subscribe to NBC Information: …

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36 thoughts on “NASA's Mars Rover Perseverance Lands On Red Planet | NBC News

  1. There s no life there. Ppl wasting their money and energy there. God only created 1 planet with life. Star trek 2000 no life there.nothing will be found there nothing will be discovered there.

  2. and China is watching carefully, if you think they would give credits to other people's works, findings and prior successes, you will be wrong.

  3. I just don't get how in the world they say things like "controlling" its descent/landing and what not in real time, considering it takes (at the moment anyways) 11 minutes for light/data/signals to reach either planet from one another, and that's just one way! So anything, as it is received here on Earth, is actually just over 11 minutes past and done already, and vice versa, anything sent there (as in a command to 'control' something), and thus, for the final outcome of any such maneuvers would take over a half hour to be realized (11.3m to here, 11.3m to there, and then finally, result of action is sent here, thus another 11.3m). Idk… I just don't really understand what is happening here perhaps?

  4. Futuer life on mars so these people are gana think there the owners of the planet who is to say i owen this planet there going to concure the land just like they did when the concured america concured as in steel the land is the correct word

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