Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (Part 13) – Cards

A video walkthrough of “Nancy Drew: Hazard on Deception Island”. On this part, I end the matching recreation. Then I end the cardboard recreation puzzles. That is the …

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16 thoughts on “Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (Part 13) – Cards

  1. I'm at this point in the game, and I did the one in the private room first and then the other two and went to do the last one by the front door and it won't let me do it! Help?

  2. Comment which comment is your favorite and comment what you think after you read them, okay?
    1. Still…. (yawn)
    2. It's open.
    3. First "Tren", now "Eleph". What does it mean?
    4. What a mess.
    5. Did you say "Kingdom Hearts"?
    6. Guess that's why Holt wants people to vote for him.
    7. Detectives love a challenge, don't they?
    8. What happened?

  3. Sometimes when I am watching these videos I really want to say something like, 'Hey michael the match is over here', or 'Hey Michael go over there. No not over there! There!' I still like michael and I watches almost all of his videos!! ^_~

  4. hey michael, thanks for the card game answers to that puzzle! i had a ton of trouble with it and you helped me so much!

  5. i h8 tht matching puzzle i swear it took me a little over an hour to solve it… but if it was so hard for jenna to open it, then how could her niece open it?

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