Over the previous a long time, quite a few artificially deformed “alien-like” skulls have been present in a Hungarian cemetery. These skulls are greater than 1000 years previous, …

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15 thoughts on “Mysterious Discovery Hungary's Elongated Skulls

  1. Great video! I enjoy listening to you very much Mr. Twist, you have a calming tone. Thank you for all you and your channel do to get this info to us! Blessings, Fran

  2. I keep saying that their artificially stretched skulls, that's a bunch of bologna. for the skull to be elongated like they are there has to be more bone material, and the body doesn't create more bone material because you molded the head. Those people were born with elongated skulls in elongated skulls are found all over the planet including russia, South america, mexico, europe, africa, and China. They were part of a different offshoot of humanity, not humanity molding themselves

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