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35 thoughts on “My Singing Monsters – Wublin Island (Full Song) (Update 11)

  1. Despite that it doesn’t play that much, I think the Astropod makes the song sound even better, especially at the beginning part. I think people are just coming up with bullcrap excuses to complain about it “not fitting in with the song.” Come on! I really like its sound, plus it’s based on a sea slug. I really like sea slugs. I definitely think it deserves another chance by all those complainers

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  3. I feel like the song would sound better if astropod stopped playing at 0:07. It just ruins the beginning part of the song for me… The middle part is fine and so is the first 7 seconds, but the rest is very meh for me. That's my opinion on it, anyway.

    Edit: Okay, I change my mind. I don't like the first 7 seconds… it should only play in the middle imo. I'm afraid that this is the first wublin I actually dislike. 🙁

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