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30 thoughts on “My Singing Monsters – Celestial Island (Full Song) (Update 3)

  1. ยะยดนดนเาเนนเาเ:😱👻😬😱😞😱😓😱

  2. For all those people who are saying that Scaratar is a let down… well here's a question for you

    Would you rather have an ugly baby scaratar that plays a big part or a very cute one that plays very little like we have now.
    I personally think the baby scaratar is too young to play such a complex tune like it's elder version did in starhenge. Tell me what you think on the comments.

  3. Glaishur- A rootitooter who is good at playing the bass drum with his hands
    Torrt- A tortoise drum set
    Hornacle- A sea creature who plays musical horns
    Blasoom- A bassoon made out of a blossom bouncing like a flamingo
    Attmoz- A rock star with an invisible electric guitar
    Syncopite- A walking mineral with rocks that have minds of their own
    Scaratar- A ladybug/spider playing a Chinese guitar with ladybugs on it
    Loodvigg- A skull pianist with two fully grown frog hands and a set of teeth with braces for a piano
    Galvana- ???
    Furnoss- ???
    Vhamp- ???
    Plixie- ???

    (Note that these are not in the order they will be released to the island each month once they are released, they will be moved to the row after the past monster's release)

    (Obviously I can't tell the monster's characteristics by looking at DOF because of how different they look at Celestial Island in MSM)

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