My Singing Monsters: C/K – Island Remixes (Full Songs)

All island remixes from the My Singing Monsters Chinese language model DJ mini-game! ⭐ DJ Mini recreation video: All …

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46 thoughts on “My Singing Monsters: C/K – Island Remixes (Full Songs)

  1. I want prismatic yelmut to release.look:a blob with a school hat
    Red one:they would have a earaser hat
    Orange one:pencil hat
    Yellow one:a school bus hat
    Green one:a chalk hat
    Blue one:a pen hat
    Purple one:it would have a crayon hat

  2. I wouldn't call them the chinese/korean remixes since they were the old official msm remixes before the album was made

  3. I'm still waiting for a "My Singing Monsters Soundtrack Volume II". I really want to listen to a remix of the Fire and Magical islands, Party Island and both Celestial songs.

  4. 96651026DM aqui les dejo mi codigo de amigo quien guste añadirme y donarme algunas llaves, aqui en los comentarios dejen su codigo para añadirnos ¡¡¡UNANSE A MI TRIBU!!!

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