My Involvement In "Onision: In Real Life" (Discovery Plus Documentary)

Explaining my involvement within the Onision documentary and why I accepted to interview. Additionally addressing the criticism I acquired for taking part. That is from my …

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31 thoughts on “My Involvement In "Onision: In Real Life" (Discovery Plus Documentary)

  1. Hey everyone! I hope this properly explains my involvement in the documentary for those that were curious. After reading some comments, I would like to emphasize that much of the livestream segment of this video was me stress-venting after drinking from the immediate backlash and insults I'd received after the screenshots leaked. I would have obviously preferred to be the person people find out my involvement through to avoid confusions. So while I understand the confusion with some people (for example, heather who tweeted me), I was under stress due to the amount of immediate harshness thrown my way while working on an already stressful project. So again – please don't take it personally if you weren't intently thinking the worst of me.

    On another note, "To Catch A Predator" was actually a show that aired in 2004, not the 90's like I said in the beginning lol. Anyways, thank you all for the support – even if you skip out on this, that's completely understandable.

  2. Twitter is so toxic and it is TOO much. I didn't even follow that many people and I had hardly any followers and I was overwhelmed with everything happening everywhere and it feels like being hit from everywhere.

  3. I thought Edwin was very brave for being on that documentary regardless if he was paid or not. Its just a shame that the documentary was under the hands of that Hansen buck.

  4. Were any of the victims harmed from his interview? [No]. Did Edwin ever say anyone appearing in the doc is an a-hole? [No]. Did he get paid to be interviewed? [No]. Therefore, it was harmless, he is not a hypocrite, and not a sell out. But welcome to the world of social media. Haters gonna hate.

  5. I think it’s weird that Chris Hansen even brought this to a TV network in the first place when nothing has happened yet. Onion boy is still living his normal creepy life. He hasn’t been faced with the REAL consequences for his actions. He hasn’t faced jail time WHICH HE SHOULD. So like..? Why would he “sell” the story when there was no end to the story? I mean MAYBE if he was trying to drum up more evidence? Get more people angry about it so the FBI will actually do something about it? I don’t know I feel like it would’ve been a better idea to pitch the story once everything was said and done and Onion boy was in jail so we could use this as a cautionary tale for young people.

  6. Half those girls I don’t like, not saying they deserve what happened to them, but they’re awful people. Especially Shiloh, she’s so rude and bitchy.

  7. Omg just watched a vid from 11 months back where u mentioned Aaron carter where is this please, that totally needs to be covered !!!!!!

  8. There's the ideal way of doing things and then there's reality. Business is never ideal unfortunately. Bottom line Chris Hanson carries a name with weight and because of yourself & the other Tubers Onision will always be attached to that name. I'm sorry it didn't play out as ideal and true as yourself & the other Tubers would have liked it. That's the real world & that's business ugh. Congrats on making the Post though!! You've invested hard work into your stories and I think its awesome you're covered in the paper. Don't let the remarks of haters cause you second guess yourself!!

  9. I couldn't care less about this documentary or about the commentary channels involved. I only care that onion gets taken down and his victims get some justice.
    But Edwin…from an outsider view you're not coming over as a good guy here. Your sitting here getting your approval from your friends for valid critisism from people…it's kinda cringy. You couldn't have found the words for a tweet to calm your fans by yourself?
    Plus one of your biggest points for beeing ok with doing it was you not getting paid. But then you said "but even if, what if I would have gotten paid?" Completely destroying your own argument for why you are in the right.

  10. I don’t like that this documentary is happening at all… it literally seems like a cash grab for Chris Hansen and then it also trivializes what all of the women went through!

  11. Tbh…. I never got why anyone was surprised with CH. That's like how journalists work lmao. It's their job. They gotta sell their info somehow. Has no one ever seen any true crime documentaries or shows (esp on the crime daily channel lmao) the way he behaved through the whole thing (despite the weird mod shit and etc) was p normal for a professional investigative journalist….

    Like every documentary or big crime thing has someone who did investigative work then put it all together and sold it lol

  12. I don't know everything, but this feels like it should be illegal.. like those victimized should get a copyright to what they suffered for as long as they lived. Then again more laws cause more problems.. but.. how can he 'sell' a story that many, many other people already wrote down.. Though I'm sure you did what you feel was best.

  13. I do hate the fact that you and Shiloh had an issue. Shiloh is obviously an exxagerater. Sure has a victim complex. It's annoying. I support the both of you because I can relate to be Shiloh. Also can see you taking up an offer from the Discover channel. They are big business. They don't exactly secure a good rep, but with media we cannot control what all did placed b out there. You can ensure that you will not be biased but also be very true and genuine. Also you seem to have good morals. I respect TF out of that. Good for b you for being an open minded . It seem they b probably did not know who b all n would be a part of their documentary as far as they victims go. Don't worry bout what those think. You do you because that's why people love you Edwin! Companies have a way of taking advantage of others and not telling the full story. What matters if that you tell your truth! You are awesome also make motherfuckers pay for your input next time. Good on you for speaking truths!!

  14. What is this twitter thing people keep mentioning? =.=
    XD no but seriously though. Take a break dude. Creeps are getting turned on when you block them xDDD

  15. Chris Hansen is such an old media type of thinker. YouTube has the potential to get way more eyes than television ever could

  16. This has become about the YouTubers feelings and not these girls feelings!

    All about who made a vid first on Greg and not about what Greg did.

  17. I dont agree with all your views but you make interesting, thoughtful content & you honestly seem like a really nice genuine person. It makes me sad when people dogpile on you or even Mina cause you guys just seem like really good-natured people. idk don't get too down on yourself, happy new year.

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