Watch to the tip to see what property Jeremy & George need to purchase… Jeremy grew up going to summer time camp on Kelley’s Island Since these days, he is dreamed …

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49 thoughts on “My Dream … I BOUGHT AN ISLAND


  2. I like no. 2 best. Sometimes you’ve got to go through the bad to appreciate the good. Together you are great. 😚

  3. I would love to have mine own island wow guys so cool I think your going to pick 3 but I liked all of them but I think I would want number 1 I like trees and I would have a big place to plant Roses bush lol I love to see people like you guys happy I feel like I have been right there with you guys the sole way I thank you guys for letting us the you tuber hang out with you guys

  4. I think you should be able to find some granite as well, as you usually find pockets of granite with the limestone. LaFlarge is one of the largest concrete and aggregate suppliers in the UK. I used to work for their opposition, RMC, but they've been bought out by someone.

  5. Interesting I think property number 2 would be a great choice since it helps you create your visions you are aiming for and best it might be how your dreams will grow and prosper in the future.

  6. 4+ acres for the cabin idea or the house into a B&B or lodge or whatever you like. Too old now and a widow but my dream has always been waterfront

  7. Dear Both of you, i think that you need to get what feels right for you. Okee nr; 3 had that beautifull house but i had the feeling that IT was less private than the other islands. Guys just follow your big great hearts and you feel which one calls you.🏖️🌞🏝️🏝️🏝️

  8. I would go with 2 and a limestone theme. And 3 just for the treasure and the excitement of discovery. You could live in 3 while developing your limestone themed dream.

  9. I don't know why, but the last one. I see a boat or something. Water line is a pretty big deal, however, if it's a true island, being in center town part of island for a B&B would be better I would think. For the community/retreat place. Yes, please. But a long process. Lots of those hard earned coins 💰. Enjoyed the tours. I would take the quarry. But that's me. I would for a personal retreat home….

  10. with your purchase in florida it seems like it might be a time to back off further purchases. i don't know your financial situation and what you can handle, however. good luck on whatever you decide.

  11. Either number 1 or 2… got a bad vibe about number 3. I prefer number 1.

    Instead of septic, can you do composting toilets and use the resultant compost to improve the soil/trees/vegetation of the site? There is a version that uses rotating drums, is totally smell free that I have seen used here in Australia. I love both of the first two lots, and the idea of a campground is awesome. Maybe rather than cabins, make camp 'pads' where you create a small cleared area (maybe utilise the natural limestone ground) for tent placement so that your guests do the least amount of damage to the surrounding vegetation. Have only a couple of cabins, a couple of camp/RV pads…hmmm

    The central hut could also have rainwater tanks, BBQ's and indoor cooking with outdoor patio/decks for summer cooking and maybe make it 2 or 3 levels high to give your guests excellent views through the trees. It could have one or two large rooms with TV's, couches etc and a central kitchen and bathrooms.

    I like the idea another responder has of a wedding chapel. You could also put up solar panels and maybe a small wind turbine to provide green power. Keep the impact of visitors as low as possible, place hammock locations in amongst the trees and you could store the hammocks etc at the central hut.

    If you could get access/possession of the old winery, would be even better and you could then build an adventure playground with a fort, swings, climbing frames and tree house

  12. To me, I would do research on each property, like how much room to build a building and how much damage to nature. Like the first property, but it would have to be adiquate for whoever be there.

  13. Definitely go with number 2 refurbish the cobblestone into rock paths with the idea for number 3. Absolutely love the long term capital gain. Investment alone as well worth it. If YoU DoN’T wHaT ThE HALES!!!!

  14. I so want to give you both big hugs.
    Because I love it that you both take us along with your dreams.
    I pray everyday for you both and I am so happy for both of you that your dreams are coming all closer .
    I know can never give a real hug.
    I am 67 and sick thats why i give you here hugs.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗❤

  15. Ha ha ha real funny joke who really goes to a place without keys lol 😆. But very funny video in deed. Love you're guises funny videos keep them up and I will keep watching them because I love them.

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