Most Brutal Chimpanzee Society Ever Discovered | Rise of the Warrior Apes

This tells the epic story of a unprecedented troop of chimpanzees, as they brutally fought different colonies and one another to be the biggest identified to man. Subscribe …

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28 thoughts on “Most Brutal Chimpanzee Society Ever Discovered | Rise of the Warrior Apes

  1. Love how we label animals as scary or evil but don’t realize that our species is the most disgusting and horrid of them all. We’re just ok with it lmao

  2. bruh why they making this documentary so dark like Hyenas out there doesn't pull a deer's guts out while it's still alive

  3. Reading the comments before watching the video really makes you fear what you'll see

    Edit: Goddamn. Hare really is the protagonist turned wise old mentor.

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  5. Chimpanzees are one thing.
    Give me a barb wired baseball bat in the middle of baboons and pick me up in half an hour before I become the next monkey king.

  6. chimpanzees are actually a very violent animal they go for pressure points such as eyes balls etc and have pleasure in torturing

  7. Notice how they refer to the chimps using human pronouns? Like they specifically say things like “I heard someone scream.” Anyone who has spent time with chimps humanize them very quickly. Their behavior and instincts are so similar to us our subconscious brain recognizes them as us to an extent.

  8. Do people not realize we are the same. At the most basic level we are killer apes who have decimated animal populations across the globe. We spread to every corner of the earth looking for meat. And this was all with rocks and sticks. Now that we have firearms we have to have laws protecting wildlife or we’d go and kill everything

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