More arrests made after riots at the US Capitol

Federal prosecutors have charged three people in reference to the riot on the US Capitol, the Division of Justice introduced, together with a person seen on …

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37 thoughts on “More arrests made after riots at the US Capitol

  1. Now they will lose their right to vote and own firearms. Trump really set these fools up. He is the greatest con man in history.

  2. If these people were black or Muslim, or even leftists, they'd be on the first trip to ADX Florence without trial.

  3. the Service Guy Needs to be Executed he swore an oath to protect America
    if we don't stop this insurrection
    our Enemy's will take Advantage of America

  4. what's the difference between the raid in BENGHAZI and the raid on the US CAPITOL…


  5. Democrat Party + n f = Demo(n)cra(f)t Party

    Republican Party + bi l = Repu(bi)blica(l)n Party

    You are searching all over trying to figure out why you have so much hate in your heart it's because you worship the devil!

    It not to late to feel peace and love for the first time worship GOD the one and only True GOD!

  6. John Sullivan of BLM, filmed encouraging violence and breaking a window in the capitol, is NOT under arrest. This is an obvious setup.

  7. I bet Trump is nowhere to be found when these guys need pro-lawyers & big bail money 💸💸💸
    He really loves you all 😅😅😅

  8. This guy looks like the poster child for CBD commercials. In all seriousness though, nobody likes Pelosi, even Democrats. If her and this guy had a baby it’d that evil child from Passion of the Christ.

  9. Now Adam remember Donald Trump's got your back okay. Now he's not going to pardon you so he's got about 250 million dollars that he can do whatever he wants with that but I'm pretty sure he's going to buy those three gold toilets and not start a GoFundMe page for you. Oh by the way you put yourself in prison for 10 years based on a lie and that is Donald Trump

  10. Will you also be highlighting any of the Antifa members (yeah the ones in the photos that have the hammer and sickle tattoos) or just those that fit your narrative?

  11. Apparently, not all of trump's supporters are the uneducated he loves so much, PHD, wife a Doctor, still an ijeet!😬🤡

  12. Soooooo when antififa and BLM were burning shit down bringing out their own guns and looting everything they could, they weren’t democratic voters or Biden supporters they were protesters. . . But people on the right are domestic terrorist? WHY CANT ANYONE SEE THIS BUT I?

  13. Everyone feels really "patriotic" snitching on each other all of sudden.

    Just a quick reminder…the rioters are not the problem. CONGRESS IS THE PROBLEM.

  14. Of course, they will carefully screen higher level VIPs or VIP relatives so that they are not charged. Also screen out anyone who may cause undue embarrassment to the authorities.

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