Monkey Island Theme on Mario Paint Composer

That is the primary track I made with MPC. (Thanks go to HCBailly for his tutorial) I dropped a number of measures on the finish in order that I did not want to separate the track in 2 components.

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31 thoughts on “Monkey Island Theme on Mario Paint Composer

  1. PERFECT!!! Youtube is ridden with versions of the theme with a nasty wrong chord that pisses me off like a beast. Very few versions are done right. Congratulations.

  2. the most different theme to all the others is the 2nd one. All the others go straight into di di didididi dii after a short, quiet intro and monkey island 2 is much slower and has a longer, louder intro "du du du duuu di di di du du du du dadudududa du du du duuu di du di du du du du dadudududa"

  3. I like to play these musics ins instrument that aren't really suposed to play…

    Like I used to make musics by my cell phone, its really funny 8D

  4. nice nice, i does all the time yeary ago the Mario Paint but i did'nt created something like that you are awesome dude 😉

  5. this theme tune is so legendary and amazing………..SHAME that it (if anyone has heard it on the radio) some bunch of know nothing cunts has turned it into a dance tune and its shite……….how dare they i hope they burn to death..

  6. I owned this game when I was young, and the thought that my parents paid £40 for it makes me want to hang myself. Nonetheless, impressive composing!

  7. Because Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo (which was like MS Paint, but on the Super Nintendo) had the music composer in the game. Dunno why, but it did.

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