Monkey Island 3 OST – 01 – Introduction & Main Titles

Monkey Island 3 – 01 – Introduction & Important Titles That is the Monkey Island Three first soundtrack from the Monkey Island Three Soundtrack cd. I might be importing some …

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27 thoughts on “Monkey Island 3 OST – 01 – Introduction & Main Titles

  1. the music that jacek says is like a "fair" music. You can listen it when guybrush is a child, and you must make the resaca`s recipe… before the rollercoaster.

  2. Who needs Pirates of The Caribbean 4 when we have Monkey Island saga? Seriously, why to struggle with the 4th episode and not to make Monkey Island movie?

  3. @PlayerJackPL Um.. LeChuck's Theme.. I don't think there is one in the CMI but there is one similar to it.. Going to upload it soon.

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